Caleb’s First Swim Meet

 Playdoh time with Uncle Greg
  These days I live my life feeling greatly indebted to a whole, whole lot of people.  To even begin to list ALL the people would be difficult b/c I would risk accidentally leaving someone out, so I won’t list.
  I knew having a fourth baby would be big.  I knew it would be a challenge.  Having a new baby at any time, no matter how many kids you have or don’t have, is a challenge.  Of course, I always forget just what an adjustment it is.
  Have I mentioned before I’m not the best at adjustments?
  This particular birth experience has different than any other for me though because of the sheer amount of help that I have needed and that I have received.  I’ve never experienced anything like this.  This baby will be a solid month old before I can honestly say that I’ve taken care of him and his brothers all by myself!
   I had my mom helping me for a whole month.  We sent the boys on vacations.  Alan has taken care of the three oldest a TON.  My friends have been providing our meals.  Catherine has been taking Joshua to VBS this week.  Susie has helped me get Caleb to swim team.  
   I have yet to even run a load of laundry!!!
   Bizarre, huh?
   My mom, my husband, and my sister-in-law, Amy, have done all my laundry for me.
  I have been spoiled rotten, I tell you!  I really feel indebted to so many people…..and a little embarrassed that I’ve needed so much help. 
  So today Greg and Amy left.  We thoroughly enjoyed their visit.  I only wish we could have taken them sight-seeing.  Next time, ya’ll!!!  Next time, I promise.  
  Their baby is ADORABLE…pictures to come soon of Wesley and John David together.  We got some good ones.
   Anyway, Wesley was great.  They have reached the golden stage of baby parenting:  He sleeps through the night, takes three naps per day, and is still immobile.  Beautiful!  I cannot wait to be where they are at!  
  Of course, so far I have only had ONE baby that slept all night by 4 months like that, so I won’t be holding my breath.  I do look forward to longer stretches of sleep and the more interactive baby phase though!
  For now, I’m just excited that JD is finally taking one 4 hour stretch of sleep.  
 4 weeks old.
Caleb’s First Swim Meet.
For the “mini’s” they just swim across the pool with a paddle board and a helper.  Last year the boys were too afraid to participate, so we were ecstatic when Caleb went through with it this year.  They have come so far with the swimming.  Tonight we took them to the pool (I didn’t get in, of course), and they were all three going under, practicing swim strokes, and Caleb was doing a great back float.  

 Caleb and friends, on their way to the pool.  That’s Daniel (sitting pool side) and me off to the right.

 Splashing into the water

 We each took our turns having our pictures made with our Mini Hawk.

All in all, I thought my first day semi-alone went pretty well.  Granted, Greg and Amy helped me with chores this morning and my friends helped me with transporting the boys to their activities, but for most of the day it was just me here.  We all survived, and I even got a nap in.  I kid you not.
  All of that, in spite of the fire alarm battery beeping half the night last night, costing me even more sleep, PLUS we had a power outage today.  Craziness.
   It was nice, though, to get to try it on my own and think, “Okay, I can do this.”  Yes, I do realize eventually I will have to go back to driving my own kids and cooking my own meals.  For now,  THANK YOU for all the spoiling!!

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    Congratulations to Caleb on the Swim Meet! Knowing how to swim is important in life. Keep up the good work. ~Daddy-O

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