Summer Fun

4 1/2 weeks.
This Sunday I went back to Sunday School for the first time, had friends over for lunch, and went to our Supper Club for a bit that evening.  It was a BIG day, and by Monday night I was exhausted, but it was worth it.

Apparently this is my go-to postpartum dress b/c this is me 2 years ago, with Daniel 4 1/2 weeks after his birth.
  The baby is now officially 5 weeks old.  I am starting to feel much, much better.  This is the first day since giving birth that I have put on blue jeans.  They are maternity jeans since my regular jeans still don’t meet in the middle, but at least it is a step above jogging pants!
  There are lucky women who are back in their clothes by this point.  Well, pin a rose on their nose b/c that will never happen for this girl!  I gained 40.  I’ve lost 22.  I guess if I’d only gained 22, I’d be done. I’m just happy that I don’t have as far to go as I did after Daniel!  That was my largest pregnancy EVER.

  Monica and I were laughing at Supper Club about the fact that I am signed up to run a 5K in less than 2 months, and I’m not even cleared to exercise until August 1.  Pretty funny, but I am SO still going to do it.
  Yesterday I walked a little over a mile, in 90 degree heat and humidity, and my stitches didn’t sting a bit.  I would say I’m almost ready to run.  ; )  We’ll play it by ear, and if all else fails, I can walk the 5K.
   I think I ran into about 5 different people that I know on my walk yesterday.  There are a LOT of folks around here who have lost 1 day/week of work thanks to “sequestration.”  I’m sure it’s enjoyable to have a 3 day weekend, but you have to feel bad for the ones depending on that income!  When did our government become so ineffective?
   You all know I’m not overly political, so I won’t go there, but I will say that I sincerely HOPE we will all remember this next time it’s election time!

Baby Update:
  Here’s a good reason to keep a log of how often you feed the baby:  After feeling discouraged over my current state of CONSTANTLY feeding the baby, I reviewed my records to realize that John David dropped from 10 feedings/ day to 8-9 feedings/day a week ago.  Yay for progress!!!

And last night was the first night that I didn’t fall asleep for hours on end in the chair in his room!

  As I mentioned, we had friends over for lunch Sunday.  They actually supplied the lunch.  Josh and Jaime were friends of Alan’s in college.  I met them while dating Alan.  They are a sweet couple that has been together I think since high school.  They have 5 children and one more on the way, so with their tribe plus ours, we had a house full of children.  
   Was it crazy?  ……No, not really.  The kids don’t know each other, so they were all kind of quiet and shy at first.  Our Caleb was very good at breaking the ice, since he has never met a stranger, and eventually they were playing together nicely.  : )  The trampoline and light sabers were also a great help.  The trampoline and light sabers are 2 of the most important things we own!
 We lined them up on the couch by birth order, with the exception of Joshua holding John David.  Caleb wanted to hold the baby too, so he made up for that by holding Monkey Monkey.  : )
Their kids are so well behaved.  Well done, Josh and Jaime!
LtoR:  Caleb, Joshua and John David, Nathan, Caleb and Monkey Monkey, Emma Lee or Emily—I’m not sure which spelling, Joy, Daniel, and Merry
Benefit of home schooling (their kids are home schooled) I never realized before:  Their kids don’t know what a Nintendo DS is.  Jealous!!   That would help with our “coveting” problem, although our boys have been over that since summer started.  I wonder if they’ll start asking for a DS again once school starts back.
I’m telling you.  Light sabers rule all.
And yes, Caleb still wears his footy pajamas ALL the time.

   John David still sleeps most of the time, so he’s only awake a few hours/day.  I try to give him tummy time at least once/day.   Does it count as tummy time when I lay him down and he goes right to sleep?

I went to Target today and took J & C with me.  Joshua bought more Lego Chima (his current favorites) toys with his money.  He set them up like this and won’t let anyone touch them.  He’s in for a rude awakening when Dan wakes up from his nap…
 The trampoline is THE MOST important thing we ever purchased.

The boys are supposed to jump on their knees or bottoms with Daniel.  
  Right now my two littles are taking naps, Joshua is watching a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, and Mom and Dad took Caleb with them to Target.  My parents are thinking they may leave tomorrow instead of Friday b/c Dad is not feeling well.  : (  I really wish that he could get better.  Keep Dad in your prayers.   
Funny quote:  
Caleb, holding a burp cloth that has a picture ribbon of Linus and his blanket on it:  That’s who I want to be just like, right there.
Me:  You want to be like Linus?
Caleb:  Yeah.
Me:  Because of his blanket?
Caleb:  nodded
Me:  I think you already are like Linus, Caleb.  : )
(if you count Caleb’s fleece footy pajamas as being the same as Linus’s blanket….)

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