An Exhausting Phase

Brotherly Love

 John David enjoys looking out the window.
5 weeks old
  Do any of you feel as tired as I do right now?  Now before I start to whine, I will say that we had a break through last night.  “Bobby” usually sleeps 1 or 2 four hour stretches at night, and that’s the most rest that I get…..
  BUT  last night, he slept SIX HOURS.  I fed him at 9:40pm, and he didn’t wake up until 3:30am.
So exciting.
  I was able to fully function from the time I got up around 8:30 until about 12:30.  Now I am running out of energy and feeling sleepy again.
  The boys have been running full throttle today.  They have jumped on the trampoline, eaten their weight in food, rode bicycles, played Legos, read books, and worn costumes.  Picture of Daniel wearing a Woody costume to come soon.  I’ve mostly fed the baby, fed the boys, and watched them play.  
  If I’m ever going to accomplish much more I’m going to need a LOT more caffeine!
  I was at the park yesterday with the boys (all 4 of them, so that was a first!), and I ran into Kim, another fellow mom.  She mentioned that she prays for safety for her son everyday.
  I felt like an idiot that I cannot say the same.  I just don’t often think to do that.  I try to read my Bible every morning, but I often forget something so simple as praying for the safety of my family each day.  I must try to do that more often!  
  Their safety is always in question, you know.  Boys often seem bent on self-destruction! As James Dobson said in his book Bringing Up Boys,  sometimes our greatest job is just to keep them alive.
  Just today Caleb figured out how to do a flip on the trampoline without his head actually touching the trampoline. I was proud!  
**THE FUture**
  Alan didn’t have a great day yesterday, and neither did we here at home.  I was exhausted, as usual, and the boys were “bored,” and I was super tired of hearing about their boredom!
  Alan had to be at work at 6am (bleh), rode the train b/c the shuttle doesn’t run that early, the train broke (seriously) on his way in, presenting a delay, and then at the end of his day he forgot that he had taken the train……so he took the shuttle that goes to his truck…….only his truck wasn’t there b/c he’d taken the train.
  The boys and I drove to him and picked him up.  I heard a very interesting conversation between Joshua and Caleb in the van.
Caleb:  I can’t do that anymore until I become a baby again.
Joshua:  Caleb, you’re never going to be a baby again……unless you go to THE FUture (said with dramatic emphasis on THE FUture).
Caleb:  Huh?  Where’s that at?
Joshua:  THE FUture is in the yellow clouds, in the heavens.  In the future you could be two, and Daniel could be 6.  John David could be 7, and I could be a baby.
Caleb:  Yeah!  Let’s do that.  That’s going to be so awesome.  Nicholas B. knows how to get to the future.
Joshua:  What?  How?
Caleb:  He has a rocket in his backyard that can take us there.
Joshua:  Only no, now he doesn’t b/c he’s in North Carolina now.  So now whoever moved into his house has it.
Caleb:  Yeah, I’m going to go over there and go to the future.
Joshua:  No, Caleb, you can’t do that.  There’s not really a future anyway.  I made it up.  
             Ok.  Yeah, there really is a future, but you cannot go there.  When you go to Nicholas B’s    house, you CANNOT get in that rocket.  I’m going to go over there and make sure you don’t.  
Caleb:  What?  No, no I don’t trust you.
Joshua:  What!  Well, I don’t trust you either.
Caleb:  Firetrucks would be so awesome to ride in.
Joshua:  Yeah, that would be awesome.
……so that wasn’t an exact recreation of the conversation, but it was a close summary.  


  • Anonymous

    Maybe in “The Future” Joshua will be a science-fiction writer. I see Caleb being an engineer at NASA who designs rocket ships. Yellow clouds?, possibly from the super volcano eruption at Yellowstone Park. ~Daddy-O

  • Joshua's imagination is highly impressive. He could definitely write science fiction, or at least design a science fiction video game! : )

  • Anonymous

    So many thoughts – 1) Daniel's hair is looking very model-esque. Did you prop a fan in front of him for those photos? It's the perfect wind-blown look. 2) I love the pictures of JD by the window. Those curtains are so bright and colorful. 3) Thank Joshua and Caleb for me. I now know all about the future and how to get there. From the mouth of babes…

  • Thanks! I hastily fixed his seriously unruly hair by running my fingers through it right before I snapped the photo. His hair is a hot mess lately. I guess he did inherit something from me!

  • Anonymous

    That six hour stretch is good news. I hope he does that more often. Love to all, Nana

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