The Miracle of Iron

 Our sweet band of brothers.  : )  That’s Joshua, practicing to be a chiropractor…ha!  No, he was trying to make Dan look at the camera.  Two-year-olds are difficult to photograph!
 If only Daniel weren’t blurry!  I took these with my tablet, not my new camera.
 Joshua wears his footy pajamas open, like this, because this is him “being a scientist,” and the p.j.s serve as the lab coat.  And how cute is Jman’s hair like this!?
  Have you ever woken up one morning feeling miraculously better??  I had that happen today!  (Praise the Lord!)  The iron supplements are working, and I can’t tell you how exciting that is.  I was able to actually work today, and when I say work, I do mean work.
   I just refuse to call myself a stay at home mom.  Yes, I suppose that’s what I am, but there’s something about that title that implies that I do not work.  It is possible to be a stay at home mom and actually be a lady who lunches….but that is sooooo not the case here, so let me tell ya:  I work!
  In fact, there is John David crying and hiccuping now, so I will finish at my next “break”!
  So anyway….I have been back at work today:  calming babies, feeding children, potty training Daniel,  making phone calls, cleaning up messes, de-cluttering, doing laundry, and I even showered and washed my hair!
  Now I’ve just got to get the rest of me put back together!  The other day I was out walking when I ran into Abby, who asked me why I was limping.  Limping?  Huh!?
  When you have a new baby (along with a few old ones–ha!), you often develop problems like this that you are just too tired to notice.  Isn’t that funny?  Once she said it, I realized that I actually was limping, because my old hip problem was hurting.  Jeepers.  Well, that comes and goes, so I’ll just have to deal with that later.  Do you think there is anyone under the sun that doesn’t have back pain when they’re carrying around a baby all day?  I have to keep reminding myself to stand up straight, and that seems to help a little.  Giving birth can really mess a girl up!
Alan’s taking leave next week, and I have so many plans for that leave!
  Postpartum Recovery Checklist!
-dermatologist (already scheduled!)
-hair cut
-Perhaps I’ll even cash in that spa gift card Amy and Monica got me!  Awesomeness!
Okay, it may take me a few weeks to accomplish all of that…..and there is John David crying again.  
 Bobby’s first nap in Mommy’s bed
6 weeks old
Coming Soon:  I have 2 excellent new videos to share, but Blogger’s video uploader isn’t working (Here we go again, isn’t this why I left Xanga!?)
1. video of John David practicing his front to back rollover.  If you put his elbows under him, he can do a beautiful roll, from tummy to back.
2.  video of Daniel, breastfeeding a baby doll.  Ha!!!
J.D., practicing his roll over:  He has to have the left elbow under him, as shown, then he kicks that right leg, and rolls.  I don’t know if “counts” or not, (as far as achievement bench-marks) but I figure it’s great practice anyway.
Quote of the week:
Caleb:  Mommy, can I change my name?
Me:  Now why would you do that?  Caleb is a great name.
Caleb:  No, I just don’t wike it.  I hate my name.  
Me:  And what do you want your name to be?
Caleb:  Andy.  Just Andy.
*Toy Story strikes again*


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