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 Look who’s 8 weeks old!!!
weight:  14 lbs.  height:  no idea

 my failed attempt to get a photo of all four boys……I mean a good photo of all four!
   We got back from vacation Tuesday night.  Wednesday and Thursday we got a few things done, such as Daniel’s physical/ 2 year old check-up.  We finally got around to it because he has to have it to start preschool!  He did have to get one shot, which left a big fat bruise, but he handled it very well.  Dan’s stats:  30 lb. 37 inches.  Just a few months ago, he was 33 inches, so this boy has hit a serious growth spurt this summer.  This is also the first time he’s hit the 30 lb mark.   He is now in the 75% for weight and 90% for height. BAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  The whole rest of this year he was 30% for height, and I just thought we’d finally produced a short child, but actually he just was growing at a different rate.  Who knows.  Caleb (our biggest kid of all) could end up being the shortest but just an early bloomer.  You just never know with these things!
  We also resumed bicycle lessons this week, and I have to say this was by far the easiest thing I’ve ever taught them to do.  Joshua took two lessons, and now he’s got it.  Caleb needs one more lesson to gain confidence, but he was going about six feet at a time without training wheels or Mommy.  He just lost interest a lot quicker than Joshua, so I didn’t get as much time with him.
   I proudly proclaimed to Alan, “YES!!  YES, YES, YES!  I can’t believe I did it.  I taught Joshua how to ride a bike!!!”  Alan looked at me, shook his head, and said what I should be excited about is that Joshua did it.  Joshua learned how to ride a bike.   Then Joshua told me, again, “Noooo, I already knew how to ride a bike.  Now I learned how to ride with no training wheels!”  
   Oh, well, whatever, so glad to finally have this accomplished!

I did not do the old suddenly-let-go trick.  Instead, I walked along side of them while they practiced, holding them steady with one hand.  After doing that a while, I put them on the grass, told them I would give them a push and then let go, did just as I said, and they did great.

 cheering Joshua on

 Alan built the boys an awesome track.
 One morning I got up, and Alan had made this!  I was like, “Whaaa???”  Fruity Pebbles Treats.  They were really yummy, but I had just never seen Alan bake before!  Of course, they were all gobbled up within 24 hours.

 future BFFs

 School is starting back soon, so we are getting ready.  In this photo, Joshua was doing a Spiderman addition workbook page, Dan was coloring, and Caleb was practicing his writing in his Lightning McQueen Phonics workbook.

 Roll Tide.
Vacation Day Trip: the Potomac River
On Friday, I pumped out some milk, hired Megan to babysit John David, and we all headed into Washington, D.C. to do some boating on the Potomac River.  It did not disappoint.  
  Megan brought her stepsister Cara with her, so I had a 2:1 babysitter ratio.  You could say John David was super duper well cared for!  They said he slept most of the time.  That’s our boy!  Babies grow in their sleep, and this one does a lot of growing.
  Daniel got his hippo out and kept making us swaddle the hippo, which he carried around like a baby.  He was so adorable.

   By the time we got the boat in the water, we were all starving, so Alan docked the boat at a marina near our old house.  We had lunch at a restaurant on the river and even took the boys to see the playground where they used to play.

 The boys are beginning to get more comfortable with the boat.  They loved going under bridges.
You can see several of the monuments from the water.  The Washington Monument has been under construction for about two years now, ever since that earthquake.

 Thomas Jefferson Memorial
 How cool is this boat?
and the Lincoln Memorial
  I would say Alan’s two weeks of vacation was a smashing success!!!  I’m so thankful we were able to do all this!  Now this coming week my mom is coming back.  Wahoo!  Mom, I think you will find that I have changed completely since I have gotten the anemia under control!  Can’t wait!


  • Anonymous

    Is Alan growing a beard? ~Daddy-O

  • No beard. Just taking it easy on vacation. He shaved for church though.

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful 8 week old picture of John David! So proud of Joshua and Caleb learning to ride the bike! That is a big deal! Glad the boys enjoyed te boat ride. The pictures of the sites from the Potomac were really good. Sounds like it was a really fun end of summer vacation! Really looking forward to getting up there. Love to all, Nonna

  • Anonymous

    Daniel is absolutely adorable. I see a lot of similiarities bw Wesley and Bobby! Amy

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