The Last Week of Summer

(Shout out to my mom for these beautiful royal blue shirts!)
  This is the very last week of summer vacation here.  I know schools started last week in lots of places, but here it always starts the day after Labor Day.  Thankfully, Labor Day comes fairly early this year…
  A family I was already acquainted with moved into the house on the corner this week.  They have a little girl, one year older than Joshua, and a little boy, Caleb’s age.  I asked the little girl if she is excited about school starting back, and she enthusiastically replied, “Yes!  I can’t wait to learn about the Romans!”  Wow.  My kids groan and moan when I mention school starting back, so you can imagine my surprise.
   Today Joshua’s summer workbook asked him to write three sentences about what he liked about 1st grade.  You would have thought I’d asked him to write a book.  He whined and carried on about how much he “did not like the 1st grade–not at all!”  : /  I told him since he hated going to school so much, perhaps he should do homeschool.  He muttered that no, he’d rather go to school.  I finally ended up settling for two sentences, but he wouldn’t admit to liking anything about the 1st grade.  His main gripe was that I “wake him up super early to go and do a bunch of boring stuff!”
     Not much I can do about his feelings for school, I guess.  I myself am positively giddy about sending them back to school.  I don’t even have to endure the dreaded school supply list–scavenging multiple stores to make sure you get just the right supplies in the just the right quantities!  You know why?  I ordered all their school supplies already neatly put together in a box.  I think this may be the best decision I have ever made!  : )
      Do you know who else starts school this fall–next week!!!?
No!  Not him!  I’m a real baby-hog when it comes to him.  He hasn’t even been to the church nursery yet.

Yep!  Daniel!  My little french-fry eating, train loving, darling little man is going to school.  I keep forgetting this.  I know that’s weird.  I missed his Open House because I forgot to write the date down, and I missed Meet the Teacher Night for the same reason.  I hope they haven’t given the kid with the unconcerned mother–Daniel–up and replaced him with a hyper mom, who is stalking preschools for openings!  It’s just that by the 3rd kid, part-time 2 year old preschool just isn’t something you get too excited about.   Hopefully, the money I gave them held his place, and all will be well.  Note to self:  check on this situation this week!!!
  On a totally unrelated note, how come such things as driver’s licenses always expire when I’m pregnant or postpartum???  Why?  One week out from a completely expired driver’s license, Alan escorted me to the DMV to help me check that block today.  They have these awesome DMV mobile trucks, so I waited in……get this…….no line!!  You can be jealous now.  That was fabulous.  20 minutes later I was out of there with my new temp license, complete with postpartum fat face photo and lied- about body weight.  Do you really think I’m going to print my I-just-had-a-baby weight on my driver’s license?  No way!!  
We’ve had a major train revival this week.  Daniel is ALL about it.  The boys enjoy making him great, big tracks.  They build them, tear them down, and build him another one every day.
Trains have definitely taken over the basement play room.

a Joshua and Caleb track creation
**My Accomplishment of the Week**
We bought a desk to help control clutter, and yet this is what it looked like:
I organized it:

 Men don’t have purses.  They have pockets, and this is a problem.  We come home and put our purse in the purse spot.  Men come home and dump the contents of their pockets……where ever they choose.  I made Alan a whole drawer for that.  Now if I could just convince him to use the drawer…
This cute little elf was seen on our trampoline–in the middle of summer!!!  ; )

 Bobby isn’t worried too much about summer ending.  As long as he gets plenty of cuddles and attention, then everything is okay with him.


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