Rainy Day Review

As I was de-cluttering our bedroom yesterday, I came across this highly detailed Google art that Joshua did this past year in Art class.   I LOVE his great attention to detail.
Here’s another one:
This was his Mario /Baseball themed one. 
  Last week my mom was here.  It was amazing how much laundry got done, how many delicious dinners were cooked, desserts made, and even a little guilt-free free time.

  Mom left yesterday, and by lunch time today I realized that today will look a lot different than that.  By 11am I was already out of burp cloths, the living room looks like someone ignited an explosive device in a baby store, there is no make-up on my face, and I keep day dreaming about laying my head on my pillow.
   The thing is that not only do I just have a lot to do, but also it’s raining outside, so the whole house just feels…..gray.  We’re all stuck in the house together:  sleepy Mommy, 7-year-old with serious cabin fever, GRUMPY 6-year-old, “I don’t want to nap” 2 year old, and of course our darling 2-month-old.  
   I have gotten a lot done this morning:  dinner cooked, children fed, dishes cleaned, laundry cycled (with the help of Joshua and Caleb), plus I finally took care of some important calls I needed to make.  Oh!  And it turns out that I didn’t miss Daniel’s preschool Open House or Meet the Teacher Day!  I just wrote them on the wrong month of my calendar.  Phew!
    While I probably should be working on the disaster area that is my house, I decided to stop and blog instead.  I ran out of energy.  I ate my Total this morning, took my multi-vitamin as well as my iron supplement, drank my OJ for vitamin C, but I’m still dragging around here wishing I were asleep.  Anemia is so not funny, ya’ll.  Most people are supposed to be over it by 6 weeks postpartum.  I think I’m on week 10 (lost track), and it is still very much a problem for me.    I had a few people suggest other iron type supplements, and I’m sure they are good, but the iron pills work just the same I think, only I can’t remember to take them as often as I should.
   My current fantasy:  Give all four children to my hubby while I check into a hotel and sleep for 10 hours or so.  Napping is hard here because even when I get the littlest ones down for their nap, the children always find me.
   I guess I should stop whining about how tired I am and go attempt to take a nap.  JD and Daniel are both asleep.  DaddyO and Nonna arrive tomorrow.  We are excited about them coming and introducing them to our little Bobby.  We also have Joshua’s doc appointment and Open House tomorrow.  Hmm….if only I could get the caffeine patch!
Meet the Robinson’s, one of my favorite movies!


  • Anonymous

    Try to hold the fort down for one more day, help is on the way! ~Daddy-O

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like your day turned out to be pretty productive after all. I really enjoyed the visit. Love, Nana

  • Anonymous

    Amy said there was a world of difference between time release iron pills and the regular kind. Could that be the problem? Hopefully you can get a nap or two when we are there. Our plane should arrive at 7:11. We are checking one bag so maybe Alan can find us at the baggage claim door. So excited about our visit!

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