Open House

  Do any of you get as excited about Open House as I do?  Our school held Open House yesterday, where all the parents show up, pretty much at the same time, and push right over each other, with children in tow, to see THE LISTS.  They are hung up on the wall by grade.  You hold your breath in anticipation to find out the big question:  Who’s class will my children be in this year??  It’s all very dramatic.  
   In my head I had a basic idea of what kids my children would like to have class with, as well as what children they are anxiously hoping will not be in their class.  Sometimes I even have an idea of what teacher I want to get, or, as was the case with Caleb this year, I have no idea which teacher to hope for.
   Well, the results are in, and I am hopeful–hopeful that all will be well.
    Joshua’s teacher has an excellent reputation, so I’m pleased as punch about that.  I was also so excited to see that Joshua’s buddy, Mikey, is in his class.  I think Susie (Mikey’s mom) and I were more excited than Mikey and Joshua.  They seemed so nonchalant about it all, but I think they were really just too nervous to act excited.  I could definitely tell that Joshua and Caleb were a bit anxious, as they stayed very close to me and acted like calm, quiet children the entire time we were at Open House.  In one month from now, it will be a completely different story.
    For Caleb, I would have been hoping for Joshua’s 1st grade teacher, except that she retired.  I haven’t heard anything negative about the others, so I had no idea who to wish for.  Caleb got a new teacher, but she’s only new to our school.  This isn’t her first year teaching, which is good.  There are several of his friends in his class, so he’s happy.  I’m also happy because these are kids that I also know and like their parents.
    It sure was a hot and sticky walk to school and back–good reminder to dress them accordingly for a while.  That may mean a few getting dressed battles with Mr. “I love sweat pants”….which by the way, he did wear his sweat pants to Open House.  That poor child was drenched in sweat by the time we got home.
    So was I.  Sherry and I were so exhausted and sweaty after being outside in the 90 degree heat in blue jeans, we literally came inside, dropped into chairs in the living room and just sat there for about an hour.  It’s always fun to visit with Sherry.
    The whole day turned out to be quite refreshing for me.  After a summer of being cooped up in a house with four little boys, I was just happy to see so many of my friends again.  Margret let me know that a lot of our ‘buds were meeting up at the pool after the Open House, and as much as I knew I should  be making preparations for Nonna and DaddyO’s arrival, my old social nature kicked in, and I headed to the pool…..with all four children in tow.  
   Don’t worry.  We were fine.  I knew with so many friends there, I would have someone to hold John David while I followed Daniel around.  And sure enough, my wonderful friend Amy spent some bonding time with the baby, allowing me to take my first dip into the pool of the whole summer.  Daniel was so happy to have me in the pool with him.
   What would I do without my friends?  God has blessed me abundantly.
   So I never did get the house as spick-and-span as I would have liked to for my in-laws, but they seem to be at peace with us anyway.  : )  Alan and DaddyO are having a great time, planning their big trip to Gettysburg.  We’ve all been dutifully researching ancestors that were present at the great conflict.  Alan and I both had several.  If you are my cousin/aunt/or even in-law, you did too!  It’s surprisingly interesting to read about when you realize how greatly it affected all of our ancestors.  …..Now if they can only get Joshua and Caleb to share in their excitement.  They are going along for the ride.
  School starts Tuesday!!!!!  Judge all you want, but I am SO excited!
A few pics of the littlest ones:
 I just love seeing Alan all dressed nicely for work, like this.  : )

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!  

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