My First Baby: Joshua’s Birth Story

In the interest of documenting all four of my “birth stories.”  This is the story of my very first baby.

 Joshua’s delivery was my most normal, uncomplicated labor and delivery of all.  He was also the only one that was not induced.  I got to go into labor, on my own, three days before my due date.  That was truly an exciting experience.

   I can’t help but wonder if his labor and delivery was my most successful because it wasn’t an induction.
   Of course, it also didn’t hurt that he was not a 9 pounder, weighing in at 8 lb 8 oz, my 2nd to smallest baby.
   Here’s what I wrote in my journal, 5 days after the delivery:
  “Not pregnant anymore!  Hallelujah!  I went into labor at 1:50 am Saturday morning and had Joshua at 7:10pm Saturday night.  It was certainly not easy, and neither is this recovery, but I just adore our beautiful baby boy.  He’s so wonderful!
   It [parenting the new baby] was pretty hard on Alan and me at first (in the night hours) because I was bedridden until Tuesday, and Alan sleeps too hard to wake up with the baby.  We’ve gotten a lot better though.
   Right now my parents are here.  They arrived yesterday.  Now we have help, which we really needed.  Plus, we have our Sunday School class bringing food, and we’ve had visitors from Alan’s work too.  Everyone’s been very supportive.
   We are so thankful for our beautiful, healthy baby Joshua.”
Labor length:  ~17 hours
Complications:  Vacuum assisted birth (Dr. Griggs explained that the shoulders were just too big.)
Pain Control:  My epidural settled into my legs, rather than into my abdomen…it was an extremely           painful labor, especially “transition”, the last phase of labor, right before you start to push.  With that came shaking all over and puking.
Joshua:  Perfectly healthy:  8 lb 8 oz, 21 inches.  His eyes were crossed, but that fixed itself within the first two months.
FYI:  There’s no perfect way to predict a baby’s size, there’s just not.  Every ultrasound to predict size for my past babies was WAY off.  I found the tape measure to be a much better predictor.  At 36 weeks pregnant with Joshua, Caleb, and Daniel I measured 1 week ahead.  John David was the only baby that my belly measured on schedule.   

 2 months old, and a dead ringer for little bro JD!  Pictured with buddy, Ella 
By the way, we took a photo in 2012 of Joshua and Ella together, 7 years later:
Still Cute!  Wolverine mask, and all.
5 weeks
4 months and so adorable.  I know, you’re so jealous of the shag carpet we had, right?
 4 or 5 months
…just so you can get a peek at what JD will look like in 3 more months
5 months

5 months
(Note the bib, Aunt Amy, the drooling disaster had already begun.  Looks like you’re safe.)
17 months, Easter, with a very pregnant Mommy.

Joshua, 20 months, Caleb, 1 week.  Now Daniel looks like Joshua!
Well, as Alan always says, “Same recipe!”
; )


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