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The boys pose with Daddy before the first day of school.
  The boys have begun a new school year, and my house is strangely quiet.  It’s weird that so far today there has been no Joshua jumping on the trampoline, no Caleb running frantically down the hallway from Joshua, screaming, no Caleb begging me to play on my computer, nor even the sounds of little boys snacking.  I actually sort of miss it.  Sort of.  Instead, Dan is asleep, and JD is beside me, having cut his nap short, refusing to be tired…I had really had my heart set on a nap……but alas, it was not to be.
  Alan and I are experiencing a sleep deprivation treatment this week.  After a summer of kids sleeping nicely, and JD learning to sleep through the night, our children have suddenly conspired against us to form this nightmare up-all-night scenario.  The night before last it was JD a couple times, plus Daniel kept invading our room.  Last night Dan wet the bed, Joshua had a nightmare that sent him to our room for the rest of the night, and JD woke up for a feeding at 2am.
  Plus, did I mention I now have to get out of bed by 5:30 just to get by?  Yes,  5:30.  I actually got up at 5:15 this morning.  That way I do get 20 minutes of kid free reading and coffee time.  If this is something your life is missing, I highly recommend it.
  Meanwhile, I feel as though I will never be well rested again.
  We are in a very serious go-all-day, work never stops, phase of life right now.  You don’t even want to know about the laundry, and I will never admit how much money I spent at Costco last week!
  How did the boys do on their first day?  Good, I think.  
  I can see in Joshua’s classroom, through a window, after I drop him off in the mornings.  Yesterday, I peeked in (It’s a large window, and you can’t not look–I promise I’m not being crazy stalker Mom), and I saw Joshua, all smiles, proudly holding up his clipboard.  This is the first year he’s had one of those.  He said he even tried out a new peanut table–when you sit at the peanut allergy tables, there aren’t a lot of different options–but this year he said,  “I sat at a new table, in the very back, with little Jack and another kid I don’t know,” and he seemed rather pleased with this.  His only glitch was at the end of the day when he went to the wrong door to meet me, which is really my fault for not explaining to him that he has to meet up with Caleb on the other side of the school because I cannot be at two different doors at once to pick them up.  Thankfully, my friend Susie caught Joshua and helped him find us.
   Caleb was happy about his first day too.  I am a little nervous about his year though.  There’s one little boy in that class that Caleb tends to get in trouble with, so I was rather dismayed to discover that he is in Caleb’s class again, and that Caleb has already gotten in trouble two times–on the very first day.  
   So if you want to pray for us, I’d say pray for Caleb to learn how to stay out of trouble…..and for my nerves in dealing with any problems that may arise!
    I am still feeling optimistic about the school year.
JD changes daily.  He can now grab toys and hold them.  I’ve even seen him bring a toy to his mouth a couple of times.

Alan had him laughing the other night, but every time the camera would flash….he seemed to not like that so much.

Look at how much he has grown!!!!  11 weeks!
2 weeks
My children just do not stay small for long.


  • Anonymous

    We are praying that all in your home will get a long and restful sleep tonight. We will also pray that Joshua, and especially Caleb, will have a good, rewarding, and minimal problem year. May God bless your home. Love Daddy-O & Nonna

  • Anonymous

    P.S. That is a really great First Day of school photo. Every one has a good expression on his face. Thanks for posting it. ~Daddy-O

  • Wow, JD is growing fast! Is that tag blanket in the last pic/movie from Fran? Praying tor a good school year 🙂

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