Saying No Gracefully

Caleb would have made such a great Dr. Seuss character.  ; )
    Lately I feel as though all I do is whine about how hard this phase of life is for us, and gracious, who doesn’t hate a whiner, so today I will spare you that.  Just know that I’m not trying to pretend like I’ve got it all together or have all the answers.  I really really don’t, but I’m going to try to bite my lips and cut out the complaining! 
   I just did something a few minutes ago that I’m gradually getting better at.  I said no gracefully.  The neighborhood association lady came by, collected my dues (just $20), and asked me if I am interested in volunteering.  I very kindly said, “Well, I just had my fourth baby, so I really don’t think this is my year for that.”
  She chuckled and said that she would think not, since I have four children.
  Am I actually bragging about not volunteering??  
  Yes, yes, I am.  I have always had trouble turning anyone down if they asked me to help, but that just leaves that person with a helper who doesn’t really want to/have time to help, when really that position should be given to someone who could use an outlet for volunteer service.  
   Meanwhile, my family needs me at home as much as possible right now, so I’m learning to just say no.
  Today I had to stay home from church because Daniel is sick.  I’m worried about Dan.  He has what seems to be just a head cold.  It just started this morning.  What I’m more concerned about is that he has quit walking.  He makes us carry him from place to place, and he keeps telling us that his boo-boo, on his knee, hurts.  
   I know that sounds like a serious alarm, and I should carry him to the ER as quickly as possible, only sometimes he will magically be walking and climbing stairs without complaint.  This has been going on for a few days, but has gotten much worse today.  
   I want to take him to the ER anyway, better safe than sorry, but Alan insists that he’s fine.  Only the thing is Alan always thinks everyone is fine.    What do you all think I should do?  I’m very concerned about my little man.  He’s been very whiny and harder to manage than usual, but I figure that’s because of the runny nose.  What if his knee is badly injured?
   There’s definitely a learning curve to parenting, but even after all these years, we still have trouble deciding when a doctor visit is necessary!

Guess who turns 3 months old this week!!!
It has truly taken me three months to fully return to good health.  That seems ridiculous, but it’s true.  

Thank you to Amy for Dan’s new train puzzle and Thomas the tank engine lunch box.  I think I was more excited about the lunch box than Dan was because now I don’t have to buy one!
My favorite quotes from this weekend:
The kids were playing at the playground, and their friend Bailey said, “You don’t have to watch Dan.  I’m watching him.  I’m just like a mother to him.”   : )
Caleb told their buddy JD, who is Daniel’s age, “Hey, JD, put rocks in your socks, like this.”  
Joshua:  “This ad in the Boy’s Life Magazine says that if I go online to this page, I will win a Wii U instantly!!”   …..(It took a lot of explaining on Alan’s part to get him to understand that it’s just a drawing for a Wii U.  Thank you, Boy’s Life for that).
Oh, and best quote of all from this weekend:  ROLL TIDE!!!


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