Stay Home Camp

 I have been constantly evaluating and re-evaluating our systems of doing things here at the house of many little men, and I have found the hole.  I have found what I am doing wrong.  I have enough help. I have enough tools for success, and my systems aren’t bad, but there is one big problem.  Oops.  I woke up the baby, going in there looking for something, better go take care of that….
  I think the problem is that I have become a little too social.  We purposefully cut out fall sports this year, and that’s been great.  However, I am still running around to lots of other activities, and anytime I’m not at home, that is time that the chores are not getting done.  I bet if the chores were done I would be able to find my beloved tablet right now.  How do you lose something that large?
  I am declaring next week anti-social week.  
  Yes, I have to wait until next week because I can’t miss apple picking with our Sunday School class tomorrow.  Then on Sunday I have church (also social), so I think I will start Sunday afternoon.  
  What do I mean by this?  I really just mean staying home.  No facebook.  No exercise classes.  No parties.  I will still have to go to the park, though. Otherwise, Joshua might just shrivel up and die.  He is as social as I am.
   Maybe I will just call it “stay home” camp.  : ) 
At this moment, I should be de-cluttering, cooking dinner, and putting away laundry, but first, a few highlights from our little fella’s!
  I found this notebook (as I was searching for my tablet) that he has filled with drawings of Skylander characters, and divided into chapters.  The drawings are very Joshua.  He LOVES drawing fantasy creatures, of all kinds.  When he was a small tyke it was all wild and strange animals, and that was all he talked about too.  Once, we visited Alan’s mom’s 6th grade class, and she told them that Joshua, age 5, was an animal expert, and they could ask him any question about animals, and he could answer it.  That was so cute.
  Then it became super heroes.  After that it was Mario characters, and now he is obsessed with these Skylander characters.  He learned about them by going to friends’ houses.  They are right up his ally for artistic expression.
  My tablet is what I normally use to photograph his little projects, so I will just have to copy it here for you.  This is what it says for chapter two, spelling done as he did it.  (I never even noticed him working on this.  How bad does that make me sound!?)
“Chapter 2
And that was My Book of Skylanders Giantes And this is my Book of Skylanders Spiros Advendre Spiro and gril grant And triger happy are in skylanderes Giantes.”
(Joshua doesn’t really get the whole period thing yet).
Joshua is obsessed with bike riding and trampoline jumping (still) as well.  Yesterday was a rough day for him because two things happened:
1.  One of the trampoline poles broke.
2.  The chain on his bike broke off.
Did I mention he’s rough on his stuff?  I don’t think you could find a boy more boy-ish than J-man!
Yesterday I had to pull Caleb away from his beloved craft box to do his 15 minutes of reading.  He set the green finger paint and the paint brushes down on the table.  I said, “No, please put them back in the box.”  His eyes full of panic, he said, “But Mom!  If I put them back in the box, I will forget to come back and use them later!”  (I secretly liked the idea of him forgetting those, but I made him happy by writing him a note, on Joshua’s drawing notebook, on the table, to not forget).  Poor Caleb.  He forgot anyway and never did get to paint.
**Gift ideas for these boys!  Art supplies, of all kinds, are still a big hit here.**
Caleb is doing well at math at school, and I’m not so sure if he’s up to grade level on reading or not, but I will find out at conferences at the end of the month.  His writing is definitely improving.  He doesn’t hate it as much as he used to.
  A little boy named Drake moved in, across the street, and this has just made Caleb’s year!  He’s a sweet, happy little boy too.  This was really important after the loss of Nicholas B.!
Dan is so “2” it’s ridiculous.  Yesterday a telemarketer called, so I just handed Dan the phone, and he yelled “nonononono!” into it.  Genius.
I have also discovered that he loves to play fetch.  I know.  It sounds kind of funny, but he likes it, and if I throw the ball really far, I get a few moments to myself.
He’s getting better at coloring and drawing too.  This week I finally thought to teach him to draw circles.  I probably should have done that a while back.  He’s also really good at drawing the baby.  He draws an oval (the baby), on top of a circle (the blanket).
I took him to Fitness at the Park today.  Success!  He had a great time piling dirt all over himself and his scooter.  I thought it went great.  The hard part was doing the tough ab exercises!  My abs are shot.
John David:
Well, he is sweet and adorable, of course.  He’s 3 months old.  He sleeps through the night.  We’ve made it three whole months without him getting sick, so I’m pleased as punch.
  He shows no interest in rolling over.  However, he does a great job of sitting up, when propped.  We need to hang his door bouncer because he is definitely ready for it.
Apple picking tomorrow!  So excited!


  • I can so totally relate to the “we must stay at home” idea!!!! We went weeks with so much running around that it felt like we were never home!!! Grrrrr……being at home restores my balance and it helps if the house is clean!! 😉
    Your boys are precious!!!! =)

  • Thank you, Bretta! It's funny how we call ourselves stay at home moms, but sometimes we're more like running-in -5-directions moms!

  • Anonymous

    I really love the photo of Daniel and John David! I hope the apple picking family time goes well. ~Love, Daddy-O

  • Anonymous

    Telemarker plan and fetch game…LOVE it. I cannot stop laughing. Please post a picture of JD sitting up so we can use it to motivate Wesley. He can do it, but most of the time would still rather lay down! Amy

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