Apple Pickin’

 (I can’t believe how much Dan looks like Caleb in this picture!!!  Uncanny.)
  We had a very productive and eventful weekend.  Apples were picked, friends were played with, awards were received, and I even made a delicious apple pudding cake.  

 It was 90 degrees outside yesterday, but we all persevered.  We enjoyed visiting with friends from church, while also giving the family a valuable experience at the farm.  I think all little boys just belong on a farm like this.  Caleb seemed to enjoy it the most of all of them.  He would have picked apples for a whole lot longer, but we had to stop the madness.  I only know so many things to do with apples before they go bad!!!

 Little John David had to wear this slightly ridiculous looking hat, to prevent sunburn.  The good news is we were successful.  His skin is still soft and white.  : )

 I’m not really sure if Joshua had fun or not.  At one point he asked me if I brought my “iPad”.  (groan)
Oh!  We did learn something.  The three oldest boys and I participated in a hay ride, and it turns out that we are all four very much still allergic to hay.  
 Caleb was so in his element here!
 Dan was so dripping with sweat, we felt terrible for him.  He THOROUGHLY enjoyed the apples, though!  He ate a whole one (and these are big), and then he took bites out of various other apples when we weren’t looking.  When I went to check out, and the farm hand put my basket up on the counter, he smirked at the half-eaten apples.  I grinned and said, “We ate some,” in my best Forrest Gump voice.  : )  He laughed and said, “Yes, we expect you to.”

 Life at home is all about playing with friends these days.  Alan spent a little time doing backyard baseball with Caleb, Xavier, and Zoe.

 Drake and Caleb came home from school determined to make a lemonade stand this weekend.  I decided to just not get involved, and it could just be more like a pretend lemonade stand.  I think Xavier  did visit their stand and received a free cup of lemonade.  They were also selling acorns.  Ha!  Caleb is really really into acorns right now.  I’ve had to explain to him several times that people don’t really eat those, so he said he’s saving them to give to squirrels that he meets.

This morning, at church, Joshua received his “clubber of the month” award.  He really has done a great job at it this year.  We had him prepped to do two sections (of his book) this week, and he again passed four sections instead.  He’s doing the kindergarten book still (because we’ve never been able to stick with AWANA a whole year–thanks to moves, babies, TDYs, etc.), but at this rate he could finish at least two of the Sparks books this year.  Each section has a Bible story and a verse to memorize.

 He was very nervous about going up there, so he mostly looked down, and his body language was pretty funny, so the crowd all laughed, which of course made him feel worse.  His face was really red, and I think he almost cried.  I felt so bad for him!  Of course, we were also so proud!

 Bless!  Growing up is hard to do, ya’ll!  Even when you win, it is hard.  Give them lots of hugs!
 This is Dan, being the baby.  No, he doesn’t use pacifiers anymore.  That’s JD’s.

 This is how John David sleeps now.  (fuzzy picture b/c I didn’t want to wake him up with the flash!) He always kicks off the blanket, so I need to get him a bigger sleep sack.  The one I have now only goes up to 18 pounds, so he’s almost grown out of it.

 the yummy Apple Pudding Cake
Joshua was so excited!  Upon discovering that his old bike was broken beyond repair, we decided to go ahead and give him the one we bought him for his birthday.  This was one of my consignment sale purchases.  It is in brand new condition.  It said it had only been ridden twice.  I was nervous about the switch to hand brakes, but he handled it like a champ.  Happy Birthday, Joshua!  (Don’t worry, we have another gift for him for his actual birthday).
Good news, everyone!  Fall is returning this week–after we get through a little rain first.  


  • Anonymous

    Glad y'all had a great weekend. Poor Joshua, I hope that doesn't discourage him from learning his verses. Tell him Nana and Grandaddy are very proud of him. Love all the pictures. It took me a minute to realize Caleb was wearing a batting helmet. I thought he had on headphones and was loving some music. Lol

  • Anonymous

    Yes, we are very proud of Joshua. He did stand up there, he didn't cry, and he didn't run away.
    Looks like you had a good time. We hope and pray all goes well for ya'll.
    ~Daddy-O & Nonna

  • Anonymous

    wow, I thought the top pic of Daniel was actually an old pic of Caleb to begin with lol Amber

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