The World of a 4 month old

Our little John David, 4 months old!
…and big boy, sitting up shot
He has a dimple in each cheek, and I just love that!
Welcome to the world of a 4 month old! 
  When Aunt Amy and Uncle Greg visited, Wesley was 4 months old, and he seemed so big to me…..compared to our 4 week old!!  That’s so funny because now that I’m at the four month mark too, it still seems so small.
Cousin Wesley at 4 months, with 1 month old John David
  Of course, really there’s nothing small about this chubby bub baby!  And we like him that way!
I can never remember what the expected milestones are for each age, so I took a moment to look up what he “should be” doing:
*double birth weight……8.1 lb then and 17 now.  Okay, we’re good!
*hands grabbing anything in reach……..He pulls out a handful of my hair a day, so I think we’re covered…
*stable head…..check!
*kicking and pushing themselves with their feet…….Oh yes,  Every morning I find him completely sideways in the crib.
*sleeping through the night……..thank goodness!
*2 naps……we’re doing 3 mini naps, and it’s killing me.  I need to switch to 2 long ones.  Aunt Amy, do you remember your routine at this age?  I figure you probably have it written down somewhere if I know you….I could use some help here.
*tracking objects with eyes and head…..check
*changing eye color……yep. He has baby blues like the rest of us, and he’s starting to get comments on them.
*communication with cries, coos, giggles, etc……….check
All expectations fulfilled……marching onward!  ; )
I found a few photos of our other boys at 4 months just for some comparison fun!  Want to guess which is which???
7.  This one is very obvious, but weren’t they sweet together?


They all look so much the same, right???
Here are the answers…..for those who actually tried to guess.  ; )
1.Joshua  2.  Caleb   3.  Joshua
 4, 5, and 6.  Daniel
 7 & 8 are Caleb.
9 is John David.

getting some attention from big bro #1.  : )
Drool Monster #4.  : )  Expecting a tooth soon!


  • Anonymous

    I got 2, 5, 7, & 9. The other ones were just too, too hard to figure out. If #2 didn't have the date in the lower right corner, I probably would have missed it. For future generations, please write their names on the back. I knew they looked all looked alike, but this is scientific proof! Thanks so much for sharing. ~Daddy-O

  • Anonymous

    LOVE the first two pictures!!! Do you KNOW how excited I am to have a reason to reference all my notes!??! Yay! We are actually STILL on 3 naps a day most days-some days 2-we are transitioning. Most of the things I've read say 6 months is the earliest a baby would go to 2, but that's just “book learnin'.” I assume your other boys had dropped to 2 by now from your comment, so maybe we are way behind! Anyway, at 4 months, Wesley ate at 7, 11, 3, 6, 9. He napped (approximately) from 9-10:30, 12:45-2:15, 4:30-5, bed at 6:45, and 9 was a “dream feed” so he slept before and after it. Loved the photo quiz. I made a big fat F…or at most a check mark!

  • Anonymous

    Also, just fyi, Wesley was 16 lbs. 11 oz. At his 4 month, so they are very close! Amy

  • Oops! I think he takes 4 naps now, and I want to move to 3. That nap schedule you had would actually work for us, perfectly with school pick-up….now if I can just get JD to buy that idea. Thanks for looking that up for me! So glad you got a chance to use your info! : ) Love the check mark reference!

  • Such a happy baby!! Congrats on hitting all your milestones!

  • They all look so much alike. You better label those photos now!! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    HA! I got all but #4 right, I thought that was Caleb! I think John David is starting to look more like you and Daniel though! Amber

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