What a week we have had!

  This past week was a seriously crazy one.  
We drove into the city for  Daniel’s “My ears hurt” doc appointment.  It turned out his ears were totally fine.  If only I knew how to check for ear infections!  I could spare myself so many doc appointments!
  Then we came home, picked up Joshua from half day school, and stayed home until Monday night Yoga class.
  I squeezed in laundry and household chores where I could.  

Tuesday:  I took the big boys to school, came home and got Dan ready, and took Dan to his school.  I was late, as always. 
  I had promised Joshua to take cupcakes to his class at his lunch, in honor of his birthday.  I ran around town buying just the right cupcakes and such for Joshua’s birthday.
   Of course, that conflicted with Dan’s pick-up time, so my friend Stacie helped me out with that.  I decided to meet Stacie at the playground after school and hang out with the preschool moms.  By the time I got home, it was time to turn it around and go get my big boys.
  Once I got the big boys home, it was time for Joshua’s parent/teacher conference.
  Cara came over and babysat the oldest three during the conference.  We got out and drove her home, but I had our pizza for dinner delivered.

 First off, I had John David’s 4 month well baby appointment.  Have you ever had one of those days where you actually amaze yourself??  I’m not trying to brag, but pulling this off felt like a serious accomplishment.  I had prayed that morning, and let me tell you, I know God was there.  
  The drive to the doc’s office usually takes 25 minutes, but that day it took 40, so there had been some stress before we even arrived.    
    After waiting about 20 minutes, with Dan coloring nicely and JD sitting on my lap, a lady came over and said they were running behind, but we were second in line.  
….About an hour, a bathroom trip, three books, countless coloring pages, and a few new acquaintances later,  John David started to get very restless, and I began to realize I could not put him off on his feeding much longer!  
He still refuses a bottle.  
He finally started crying.  I so did not want to have to feed my baby in front of my new acquaintances!  
  By this point, Dan way lying under my chair, driving little cars.  Yes, I know there are germs, but there is a limit, people!!!  I fished out my nursing cover and started feeding the baby…..and of course…..”John!  John!”  They finally called us back. 
  You should have seen us, gathering all the toys I’d brought, putting everything back in the stroller, and walking through the waiting room……still feeding the baby.  That was a new experience for me.  Not a man there dared to look me in the eye…..Ha!  (Yes, I was still covered.)
  That was when I had the moment!  That tired but victorious feeling!  This is absolutely crazy, but by golly, I am doing it anyway.  6 years ago, I might have been on the verge of tears in such a situation, but  I felt perfectly calm.  I actually amazed myself!  
   Roll Tide.  No really, Praise God!

Thursday:  I finally got to breathe a little, wear jogging pants all morning, and start trying to put a dent in the piles of laundry.  I didn’t even bother with Dan’s preschool.  Then I remembered that it was the last day to pick up his school pictures, and I had been careful to pick out just the right outfit for them, so I did load up the little boys and go get those.
  It was worth it!  Just wait until you see these!  Wow!
Beautiful child!!!
That was seriously exciting after getting these!  Pre-paid.  I’m still so mad:
Just wait.  It gets even worse:

Seriously?  These are the yearbook photos.  This photographer should be fired.
So back to Thursday….
  I was supposed to have Caleb’s conference, but my girls canceled, so I rescheduled that.  
  Then of course……Halloween!  Trick-or-Treat night!  I was sweating it out because Alan works pretty late, and I knew the kids wanted to go early with their friends, but Alan kindly cut his evening short and took the boys out for me.  
   The boys got to go with a whole big group of their friends.
Halloween 2013

 our boys + Andrew.  Then they joined a football player, a Scream girl, and a Skylander to do a little trick-or-treating in the rain.
Dan insisted on using this Happy Birthday gift bag for his treat sack.  Then he went to the pantry and filled it with applesauces and a spoon.

  Nonna and Aunt Janet arrived.  Ya’ll should see how tidy my house is right now.  It never looks like this.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Grandparents are a gift from God.  And we love our Aunt Janet too!

Janet taught Dan a few new ipad games.  He’s getting really good at Memory.
Dan and Nonna have managed to get JD to take a little bit of a bottle.

Dan loves this letter/card activity he got from my friend Amy.
So things have been going super well……other than a certain poop Playdoh incident that Nonna got stuck cleaning up yesterday.  …Yeah, Dan pooped on his sports rug and then played in it like Play doh.  It was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever smelled…….
We wish you a fun-filled week.  May the sun shine upon you, and may you never ever confuse poop with Play-doh…


  • Anonymous

    It has been a long time since I have laughed this much. Poor Nonna with the poop story though. Glad you have help this week. Love the picture of Dan, hope the outfit survives for one more. Nana

  • Anonymous

    LOL…I have sat there with the students in our class and Made the photographer REtake the pics a few times! What is bad, is that these people can SEE the pics on a large screen and delete it if its bad and then retake them. It's Lifetouch, the same people from all schools. I would call them and tell them how displeased you are with the photos!

  • Anonymous

    WOW. Good for you handling that Dr appt with such grace. I dare say I would have lost it! You have been so busy!! Dan looks so much older with his new haircut. Wesley smiled so big at Daniel's school picture…it is fabulous! I agree the photographer who did Joshua's pic needs a good kick in the duodenum. Poop playdoh? A million dollar idea if I've ever heard one 🙂 Amy

  • Good job!!! Such a Pro! You had quite the week – it is making me tired! And you made me laugh out loud about the school photographer!

    And, great timing Nonna! Grandparents are awesome!

  • PS – I am enjoying the new look your site is rockin'!

  • Whew… That was a doozie of a week but I have totally been there so I understand. Glad you had a good visit with more family. 🙂

  • Yes! Oh, my voice will be heard.

  • Jamie, I know you can relate. Managing lots o Littles is no joke. It's a good thing God made them so cute!

  • Yikesamoly!!!!! What a week and to top it off with poopy Play-doh…classic!!!! LOL!!
    I hope you get a do-over with the kid's school pics!!! oh, and HOORAY for family visiting!!!

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