My Clean and Organized House

  Nonna and Aunt Janet have been here all week, and it has been sort of amazing.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of work that has gone into tidying up this place, cycling laundry, and juggling children.  
  So…if you would like to see my house looking as though only one or two kids live here…..neat and tidy kids…..COME NOW.  It may never look this organized again.  I’m saying:  even the basement is tidy.  
  How many women does it take to keep this house in ship-shape order???  Apparently THREE!!!
  …Of course, we’re talking about a high level of functioning here, which I promise you is not a goal I normally shoot for.  What we do normally is just fine too.  No, I usually don’t smile when I see my basement floor, but it’s just a play room.  Yes, projects in the works are always covering the dining room table. No, the laundry is never quite caught up on, and the meals I make these days really aren’t much to brag about.  I figure I’m doing good just to have everyone fed and such!  This year, while the baby is truly a baby and the oldest has just turned eight, standards are a little bit lower, and that’s okay.  It’s just a phase.
  It sure was nice to have the house looking this great and get to run errands alone this week, though!
  I really should have taken photos.
  But at least I took photos of Nonna and JD together:

Nonna is looking so small now.  I took her to my favorite store and introduced her to New York and Company pants.  
  If you don’t own a pair, you should!  They come in all lengths and sizes from XS up to XL.  They are dress pants with an elastic waist, but it doesn’t look elastic.  I have three pairs of them in two different sizes.  Having 4 babies in 7 years, I tend to go up and down and up and down and up and down in what size I need!
  I should have also taken photos of Nonna, Janet, and all of the boys, but we have been so ridiculously busy work, work, working around here.  Plus JD has had a few colic spells.  I’ve also used the opportunity of having round-the-clock babysitters to run an insane amount of errands.
  A head cold has worked it’s way completely through the family but has somehow missed me entirely.  (Thank you, Jesus).  Phew!!!  We finally took the kids to the doctor yesterday, an urgent care clinic, and he gave them a decongestant/cough syrup.  It makes them sleepy.  Caleb came home from school today just so upset because he got in trouble for taking a nap during centers.  He said, “I just took my jacket and balled it up like a pillow and went to sleep.”
….Maybe tomorrow we’ll skip that medicine!
  You know what else Caleb recently told me?  “I hate gravity.  I just want to be able to fly and jump around and do flips in the air, but gravity just keeps me on the ground.”  : )
  Speaking of Caleb, I had his conference too.  No big red flags or great exciting news there, but guess what.  He has a little trouble paying attention and managing his time.  
  Wouldn’t it be so super great to go to a conference and be told, “I just love your child.  He is so sweet and thoughtful.  He never bothers others or talks in class.  He always listens, reads three grades above grade level, and always finishes his work in a timely manner.”
  Well, I can dream, can’t I???
  No, really, I’m so delighted with my little boys.  I see them through rose-colored glasses as all parents do.  Now I just need to get glasses like mine for the rest of the world to see them through.  : )
  I want to say a big thank you to Nonna and Janet for the visit.  The best part was just getting to visit with you.  All of that “cleaning fairy” and babysitting stuff was a great bonus.  THANK YOU!!!!


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