Finding My Sunshine

no make-up, no nice clothes, no contacts… problem.  
  Saturday.  Don’t you love Saturday?  Here in suburbia, Saturdays are kind of stressful for many.  That’s the day of kiddo ball games, birthday parties, scout events, just a constant string of commitments.
  This was another Saturday that we were thankful we skipped sports this fall!  The only commitment we had was Cub Scouts.  It was a pretty busy cub scout day, but there was plenty of down time too.
  I went grocery shopping, looking like the above photo, wearing my Boston hoodie and jogging pants. About half way through the store, I looked down and realized I had a giant chocolate smudge across my left shoulder.  
  It wouldn’t help to remove the hoodie because my t-shirt underneath had a giant spit up spot on that same shoulder.
  Oh well.  Who cares.  It’s Saturday. 
  I’ve come to a new place for year 2013, a place I’ve been looking for ever since the arrival of JD in June.
  I think the feelings of depression and just sheer being overwhelmed are finally fading!  
  I feel downright okay!!!  ; )
  And who wouldn’t, really?  Look how cute these people are!!!!! 

 A singing birthday card is a bonafide toy in this house!
JD says, “hehehe  This guy right here is pretty funny!”

I may look tired.  I am tired!  John David has woken me up every single night of this week.  I am so sleep deprived it hurts a little, but even still, I feel all right….even happy, down right content.

  About a month ago, I was walking to school with my friend Barbara, and she said some things that are very true.  She said that when you have little ones, even though it’s hard, they keep you from going over the edge.  ( I was thinking, “Yeah, but they push you right to the edge.)  The thing is they are so cute, and they truly need you, so they keep you going.  You can’t lay in bed and be depressed or bored or lonely.  That could never happen because the little ones always need something, and you always have some place you have to get up and go.   There is no room left for pity-parties or laying around!
  No matter how overwhelmed I felt this past four months, I will say, these precious babes did keep me in line!
  I am so thankful for them!
What the boys have been up to:
  Right now Caleb and Alan are at Lowe’s buying new blinds for the boys’ rooms.  Why do they view it as a personal challenge to destroy blinds??
  John David is now wearing size 9-12 month sleepers.  The boy is 4 1/2 months old!
  Dan has developed a fascination with the Swiffer Wet Jet mop.  It’s an expensive toy.  When I’m stuck in a chair feeding a baby, he is left to his own sinful little devices.  One of his favorite activities is to swiffer the floor.  I finally put a mop pad on the thing.  At least that way maybe he’ll accomplish more than soaking my floor!
  Oh!  Alan’s back.  They are probably hungry.  Hope they are in the mood for leftover chicken!!


  • Anonymous

    Well I noticed from the first pic that John David was dressed appropriately;). Sweet pics. Can't wait to see y'all Christmas. Love, Mom

  • We look forward to seeing you and Dad and Allen and Emily too! Now if only we could figure out a way to skip the drive and teleport! Ha! Love you, Mom!

  • Anonymous

    Brown smudges on clothes….hmmm, I can think of worse things it could be than chocolate! Glad you are feeling good these days – hopefully JD will let you enjoy your nights again too, soon. Your friend had a good pep talk – I needed to hear that stuff also. This is from the newer post, but I LOVE that J.&C. bought stuff for Dan's kitchen…that just warms my heart – so sweet 🙂 Looks like a great yard sale find!!! Amy

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