Blessings to a Mommy’s Heart

Ah, Sunday, a day to reflect on true blessings in my life!
  This morning I woke to the sound of Alan getting the boys ready for church.  
  Ha!  I bet not too many mommies can say that one!  I love you, Alan!  
  I was so sleep deprived last night, I was truly melting down.  Alan saw it, and he understood, and he let me sleep in guilt-free this morning.  Actually, he always lets me do that on Sunday morning.  That may be one reason I’m always late for church, but hey, I cherish it!  It makes me want to give Alan a big ol’ bear hug!
  You know what other sound I woke up to?   It was the sound of Joshua acting a fool.
  I knew what that meant.
   John David was awake, and Joshua was hard at work, keeping little J.D. happy!  Thank you, Joshua.  I just wanted to hug him too!  
  Then I heard Alan give Caleb the wrong pair of pants (Joshua’s).  Caleb needed a couple reminders to focus and get dressed.  (He was excitedly playing pretend with Skylanders figures in his bedroom.)  Then suddenly, Caleb appeared, fully dressed, in Joshua’s pants that are way too long for him.  He never complained, though, and I just wanted to hug him.
  Then I saw Dan running happily into his room when Daddy told him it was time for him to get dressed.  I just wanted to kiss his chubby cheeky-s!  
  I finally got out of bed and came downstairs, and there was little John David, sitting in his Little Einstein jump and spin thing.  It had been about four hours since his last feeding, but there he was, waiting sweetly.  I just wanted to pick him up and hold all that sweetness—and of course, I did! 
  **Blessings from this week**
Caleb goes to an after school program called Mad Science, one day/week.  He LOVES it, and they have a new teacher this year, a man that Caleb is really looking up to.  This makes me so thankful, that Caleb would find joy in a science class, as well as another good male role model.  I just think it’s great for them to have men that they can look up to and learn from. 
  On Friday, I had a *duh* kind of moment.  I’ve been worried about my boys’ attention problems, but I haven’t prayed with the boys about this.  
   Scoffers, be silenced, because we got results from this!!!  
   Before school Friday, I called both boys into my room, one at a time, I hugged them close and prayed that God would help him focus and pay attention to his teachers at school that day.  It took all of like 30 seconds, but it meant a lot to them.
  After school, Caleb came up to me and said, “Hey, Mom, guess what.  That worked when you prayed for me this morning.  I was listening SO good at school today, like I was listening to EVERYTHING.”
 love, love, love!
   I asked Joshua, as I do every day, later on, “Joshua, did you do a good job of paying attention today?”  Joshua usually says, “Ehhh, yeah, sort of, not really.”  (Honest, anyway!)
 But Friday he said, “Huh?  Oh!  Actually, yes!  Yes, I did do a really good job of paying attention today.  Thanks!”
 : )  Happiness!  : )
I found this perfect little kitchen at a yard sale.  (Thanks, Helena!)  Dan was there shopping with me, so I was unable to hide the thing and save it for Christmas, so he received it right away.  He was so excited, he kept saying, “My kitchen??  Me???”  all the way home.

Then, for Joshua’s birthday, Joshua and Caleb both put their money together and bought little Dan a little toy pan filled with toy food.  Sweet brothers.

We all chipped in and put together these Operation Christmas child boxes to send to less fortunate kids overseas.    The boys helped by spending some of their money on that as well, and they enjoyed picking things out.
Every morning I drag myself out of bed, telling myself, “It’s okay.  There will be coffee.”  I love my Keurig!!!  ….So does Daniel!  While I was feeding the baby, I heard him drag a chair over to the counter, and then he proceeded to do this.  I suppose we should all just be thankful he didn’t go for the scissors….
  What a great month to consider our blessings, and truly our blessings are abundant!


  • Anonymous

    May all of you have a blessed week. ~Daddy-O

  • Good morning! I am finally caught up-ish! Cooper being sick threw me for a loop! Again, I am in amazement you can handle 4! I love how your kids used their money to buy gifts! Fantastic! Cooper loves his kitchen! We bought some Melissa & Doug food when it was on sale – love it!!! And Happy Veteran's Day!

  • Happy Veteran's Day, Di! The kitchen rocks. Who says cooking is for girls!!??

  • Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  • I don't think I had a chance last week to tell you about Daniel fixing his morning coffee! I walked onto the kitchen one morning and he had pulled the chair up to the Keirig coffee thing. Then he had poked holes in several little coffee things and poured some coffee from each one over his Berries cereal! I just stuck the coffee things back in the box with some coffee left in each one. Your coffee may have been a little weaker than usual for a fee days.