5 months: sleep problems, happy faces, and feeding time!

5 months old!!!

   John David is now five months old!
  Today I went to scoop him out of his crib after a nap, and I just stood in awe of the gooey precious-ness that is our little J.D.  He was giving me the biggest, most adorable smile, and my heart just soared with joy.
  And I remembered.
  Months 5-8 are kind of like the second trimester of pregnancy!!
  It’s the most wonderful baby phase!  They don’t require too much entertainment, they are able to just chill and be happy, they still sleep a lot, they give the most amazing smiles, and….they are immobile!!!  
  I am so happy to reach this phase because I have really struggled with feeling down this time, and it’s just not possible to look at a chubby, happy baby, smiling at you with their toothless gums– and feel anything but pure glee!!!
  Thank you so much, John David!

He likes to be propped up where he can see everything/everyone in the room, and he is becoming more interested in toys.

I threw this one in just to let everyone see that Dan’s not ALWAYS up to mischief.  He does have very sweet moments too.

Dan was super excited about feeding the baby.  He got to do a couple of spoonfuls, but we didn’t do much because…..

John David actually hated rice cereal, making him my very first baby to not approve of it!

“Mommy, please don’t put that in my mouth again.”

  Ya’ll, I was dead set on getting some food into this boy, so for the next feeding I fed him some pureed squash, which he liked just fine.  Oh well, vegetables it is!
  I’ve mentioned before that JD has suddenly stopped sleeping through the night, something I’m obviously not happy about.  That’s why we’re introducing food now.  
  I always seem to have this problem around this point.  My milk supply is just never quite enough for a 20 pound baby.  I need to work on upping my water intake, I think.  I am losing a pound a week still, so I guess I’m not eating any too much.  I ate a little extra this weekend, in light of our current problem.  Of course, that wasn’t unpleasant a bit, though I’m not sure if that was really a good idea or not!
***The Brothers***
  Joshua, Caleb, and Daniel built a fort in Joshua’s room tonight and started a ‘brothers’ club.  They said that John David can join once he’s one year old.  : )  
  The most adorable part was when they got in a huddle, on Joshua’s bed, in a tight little circle with their arms around each other.  
  Too stinkin’ adorable!!  I failed to get my camera fast enough!!!
  They decided they only have one rule:  “Have fun, and do whatever you want.”  (Of course!)
  Joshua caught strep throat Thursday.  By the time he came home from school Friday, it was quite obvious.  He’s had lots of medication, so they said that he can go back to school Monday.  He’s not too happy about that part.  
  Miraculously, no one else has caught it yet.  We’ve taken to making sick people (other than just colds) stay in their room, and they aren’t allowed to touch anyone during their first 24 hours of antibiotics.  (That was the guidelines given by the doc).  We’re just hoping and praying no one else comes down with it–especially John David!!!


  • Anonymous

    I hope the food will help him to sleep better. Really hope no one else gets sick. Nana

  • I love how your kids are so cute together! Cooper didn't like rice cereal either – we went straight to veggies. Maybe you can add a little of the cereal to the squash and bulk it up a bit? Also, do you pump at all? I found that pumping a bit extra at the end really increased my supply (although I didn't go as long as you did – good job girl!)

  • Wow! A house full of boys and it sounds like they get along well. You must have your hands full. I never had a baby that would just chill. For some reason, they all had colic. I did not enjoy the baby stage, but now I have 3 teenagers and 1 5-year-old and they are all wonderful and get along well. I'm glad you like the post on Amanda's Books and More! You and I both need to get our blogs monetized! 🙂
    Tina – American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa

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