Focusing on the POSITIVE

My last post focused on how hectic our week was, how busy we are right now, and all the mischief that Daniel has been finding. (You can read that last post here.)  Today, in honor of the week of Thanksgiving, I’m going to focus on the POSITIVE!

10 Great Things Going on Around Here Right Now:


10.   If I want to catch a picture of Joshua smiling, I just need to whip out the baby.

Joshua loves to make J.D. laugh.  He also loves to pick J.D. up and carry him.  He’s extremely careful and a little timid about doing so, but you can tell it makes him feel really special that we let him pick up the baby.


#9.  J.D. loves all of his big brothers already, and so does Daniel.

Caleb is just a little bit closer to Dan’s age than Joshua is, and Dan is really starting to appreciate Caleb’s friendship.  Sometimes, at bed time, Dan will run in and jump into bed and cuddle with Caleb.  The other night, once our rituals were over, we told Dan to tell his brothers “night-night” and go to his room.
Dan walked out saying, “Night-night, Caweb!!  And night-night Caweb!”
He loves Joshua too, but I think he was just showing Caleb his appreciation for the friendship he had shown him that day.  Caleb is also really good about playing kitchen with Dan.

 8.  While it may have been a controversial year for the Boy Scouts of America, it’s definitely an organization that has benefited our boys.

This is a photo of them getting ready for a pack meeting.  I love that this is an activity we get to kind of all do together as a family.
Dan thinks he’s a cub scout too.  ; )
Poor photo quality…my tablet isn’t exactly a high quality camera!

#7.  John David is now eating seriously pureed solids, which has greatly improved his nightly sleep patterns. WAhooo!!!!!!!


6.  I’m so thankful that he’s so pretty.

5.  Cute Caleb story:

  We were walking to school, and Caleb mentioned a little girl that was in his class last year and how he’s always thought she was pretty.  (This is not unusual with Caleb.  I’m more in danger of getting TMI from Caleb than ever lacking in information!)
  He said, “But this year, there’s an even more beautiful girl in my class.  Her name is *Yellow* (don’t even remember her name, actually!), and she has long yellow hair, and she is so pretty.  She is.

4.  Caleb has it allll figured out.

  I was never the person that had it all figured out.  Each year when asked “what I want to be when I grow up”, I’d give a different answer, because I just had no idea!  Joshua is like that too.  Not Caleb.  This boy talks often about how he’s going to be a “construction builder” when he grows up, and he has been saying this since he was 2 years old.  He once tried to make me pull over in a parking lot so that he could watch them build a Walmart.
  He’s also pretty serious about finding himself a “beautiful wife” that will cook for him, when he grows up.  : )

3.  Compliments

Is there anything greater, as a parent, than having someone give you a genuine compliment about your child?  I like nothing more!  I also instantly like the compliment giver more!
  Ironically, we get the most compliments on a certain very sweet and adorable little mess maker named Daniel.  Oh….if only they knew…..He sure is sweet, compliant, and friendly in public, though, so if you didn’t read this blog, you might also be tempted to think of him as some sort of sweet cherub.  (He’s really more like a rascally little Leprechaun!)
  Recent compliments we’ve received (mostly from church folk):
–about Joshua:  “I love how he looks me in the eye and says ‘yes sir’!  That means a lot to people like me, of my generation!!”
–about Caleb:  “I love having Caleb in my class.  We did a trivia game today, and he knew all the answers.  He just kept raising his hand and raising his hand, and I just couldn’t call on him every time.  When I wouldn’t call on him, he was back there helping out the other kids, whispering the answer in their ears.”
–about Dan:  “Oh, he is sooo adorable.”
                  …..and from his doctor last week:
                  “Well, he’s very verbal isn’t he?  You are just really impressive, little man.”
  Of course, I was pleased as punch to hear that from a pediatrician.  He really does ham it up at these doc visits.  First off,  I set him up for success by arming myself with a bag full of crayons, coloring books, trains, and train tracks.  He stays busy in the exam room building train tracks and not bothering their stuff.
  Then every time the doc or nurse is ready to evaluate him, he ever so happily bounces up on the table and raises his shirt.  He seems to really enjoy it.  He’ll point to one ear and say, “Hurts,” then he points to the other ear and says, “Better.”  Then he’ll point to his tummy and say, “My tummy hurts.”
  And he’s just so happy to be there, that he really is just irresistible!

2.  Thanksgiving coming up!

We have made plans for what looks like it will be a fun Thanksgiving.  We’re doing lunch with another family, so I won’t have to cook the whole meal.  Yay!  Then after dinnertime, we are getting together with friends for dessert.

1.  Our whole family is well today.  We all got to go to church together yesterday.

 Alan and I looked at each other in the sanctuary, like “Wow, this is nice!”  We had all the kids squirreled away to age appropriate classes, and it was just the two of us on the pew together, enjoying a nice relaxing hour in God’s house. It was a great time to remind ourselves how blessed we are, and thank God for these blessings.


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