Thanksgiving 2013

    I hope you all had a really great Thanksgiving Day.  We really did!  It wasn’t really stressful either.  Not kidding.  This past Sunday, we made a last minute decision to share Thanksgiving with some friends of ours from church.  It was a good thing, too.  I still hadn’t even thought about buying a turkey yet, and they already had one.  For the first time in three years, I did not have to cook the entire meal by myself.

Good friends and good food!
Get this, Chris is in chef school.  He baked THE yummy-est rolls.  Actually, they both can cook.  As you can imagine, this was a delicious spread!
Oh, and yes, it is a little intimidating to cook for someone who knows way more about food than you do.  I’m used to cooking for Alan, who, as I’ve said before, will eat ANYTHING, whether I mess it up or not!! 
The littles were so cute playing kitchen.  Also, we may have forgotten to dress Dan that day.  Whoops.

Piper was all about stickers.  One ended up in Dan’s hair.

 The boys did their time at the “kids’ table”!  Get this:  Joshua begged me to let JD sit beside him, instead of in the dining room.  I thought that was great!  He did a great job of tending to the baby.
 Yes, I wish I had known this photo was being taken…
More Trampoline Fun:

As you can see, the kids all got along really well.  As soon as they arrived, Caleb and their little boy disappeared upstairs to Caleb’s room.  Alan said, “I bet you anything, they’re going to come downstairs in costumes.”  Sure enough!  Lane made a super cute Batman, and Caleb had on his safari vest. So cute. 
Black Friday
So how many of you braved the stores today?  
  Not me.  Alan and Joshua were our shoppers today.  Joshua purchased both Caleb and Daniel’s gifts.  Good for Joshua.  Bad for us.  Now we have to listen to non-stop Caleb, begging us to go ahead and open the gift Joshua got him now, now, before Christmas?, early, tomorrow?,  “I can’t possibly wait until Christmas!!!!!!”  Oh. My. Goodness!!!
  For some reason, Joshua came home and told Caleb what Skylander he’d gotten him, only he’s tricking him, but Caleb doesn’t get that.
  Joshua told me, “I’m just tricking him.  I just want to see him get all excited.”  ; )
  Caleb doesn’t have any money to buy presents yet.  He’s still working to pay off the Sunday pants that he drew all over Sunday, and I mean I’m keeping a tally.  He’s paying me back for those!  You can imagine my dismay when he came home with his Izod Sunday khakis, covered in blue ink scribbles.
 “I just drew all over them because I didn’t want to ever have to wear them again.”  
Now it’s onto Christmas!!!!!
But first, Iron Bowl tomorrow!!  Roll Tide!!



  • Anonymous

    Buy some Carbona stain devil for ink stains. Teach Caleb to use it. So glad you teamed up with other cooks! I am sure that made things easier and more fun. Roll Tide! Love, Mom

  • Great photos! and you are too kind! we had a great time. see you Sunday.


  • Anonymous

    hahaha……. sorry, but that is kinda funny! Jacob keeps leaving all the coats that he doesn't like (the big bubble jackets) in his locker at school on purpose because “MOM! No one wears those!!” I made him wear it because he accidentally left his favorite at school as well and it was 18 degrees that morning and he still tried to take it off in the parking lot and put it in the car lol!

  • Now I see that you (Momoffour) are the same person as The Liter Side. 😉 I guess we always learn new things! I started following you on Google+

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