Little Boys Are Just Darlin’

 Joshua, reading Ninja Turtles to Caleb
Ninja Turtles are a hit right now.  We’re hoping Santa might bring them a few for Christmas. ; )
    When you visit my blog, you come expecting two things:  
1.  pictures
2.  stories about crazy things my children have done….especially Daniel
  While I have no shortage of such stories, today I am going to highlight sweet things I have caught them doing lately.
  I told the boys yesterday that they need to hand their Christmas lists into me so that I can get them to Santa in time.  Joshua looked all worried, which I thought was odd.  He’s already made his list, a very detailed one, front and back of a sheet of notebook paper.
  Joshua said, “Well, I’m a little worried that if he sees that list, he might think I’m greedy.”
  : )  It made me happy that he could see that!!!
 Dan is getting more and more interested in J.D.  
Unfortunately, that also means I suddenly have to worry about keeping Dan out of J.D.’s room and waking him up.  That kind of makes my blood pressure start to rise…so let’s get off that topic!
 Of course, J.D. thinks all three of his brothers are hilarious.  He seems to laugh at Joshua the most, as Joshua works the hardest to entertain him.
The face painting is a cub scout tradition.  They do it when they earn their Bobcat badges.

 The green water:  Let me explain.  Aunt Janet bought them these bath fizzy-s that turn the water different colors, and they are quite the hit.
Dan the Tool Man

I have been on a mission, organizing every toy bin in this house, in an effort to keep Daniel into the toys and out of the sinks, cabinets, refrigerator, etc.  Toys get played with a lot more when they are kept together in sets.  Little Dan was actually playing with this airport, as broken as it was.  Alan fixed it this weekend.  Yay!

 Any time that Dan happens to be around when I’m trying to feed the baby, he insists on feeding the baby.  That makes him the very first big bro to really feed one of our babies.  He does a messy job of it, but I let him give it a go because I want to encourage this spirit!!
 Dan really has always exhibited such a helpful spirit. 

 He was just SO HAPPY to help.
Caleb’s puppet show:  That’s a pilgrim, and the toilet paper roll is an “angry person” puppet.
Joshua’s drawing of Black Friday.  This was colored on by Daniel, as you can see by all the scribbles.

 Caleb’s drawing:  This is Caleb in a car that has Skylanders.  The first conversation bubble on the left is me saying “Stop.”  Then Caleb says:  “Butt”  “I worked really hard,” said Caleb.
 Also by Caleb:  That’s a tornado to the left and our house to the right, and that’s each of us, in the basement to stay safe in the tornado.  The card he attached to the top reads, “Love Caleb, to my family.”
Last, but not least, here’s J.D. sporting his Alabama bib.  Win or lose, rain or shine, we are ‘Bama fans here!  Roll Tide.

  This should be a very full week for us.  Alan’s parents arrive tomorrow, and also I’ve declared it a “no electronics” week.  These kids drive me crazy scrambling over their grandparents’ ipads when they come, so I figured this would be the perfect week for it.  Besides, I want them to fully experience the visit, the Christmas decorating, and all of that this week.  I will not be spending it setting timers on video games!

One of my favorite quotes:
“Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable.”
Unmanageable, yes, and a job to tame, but I tell you, little boys are just darlin’!!!


  • Anonymous

    Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.”
    ― Plato
    (This message has been approved by Daddy-O)

  • We have the bath fizzies too! Love them!

    Hope all is well – we are all fighting a cold by me! BLAH!

  • Anonymous

    Great post. Love Caleb's picture with you saying “stop.” JD has so many looks! In some of the shots he looks totally unrelated, then in other pics, just like the other three! Enjoy the extra help this week 🙂 Amy

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