We LOVE Snow Days!!

   Hurray for the very first snow day of the season!!  We were all so exited and ready to get out there in it.  Actually, we were all ready, except for Joshua.  He was reluctant at first, but then he ended up being the one to stay out there the longest.
  Alan’s parents were here through the weekend, but they are on their way back south now.  We were so thankful that they came.  Alan had a two-night trip to Michigan last week, and I just wasn’t feeling up to tackling this on my own!  The thing was that while he was gone we had basketball, PTA, and cub scout activities.  It can be a bit difficult to divide myself in half and be at all these things, so we called in for back-up.  
  DaddyO and Nonna came to my rescue.  DaddyO was a cub scout himself back in the day, and I think he enjoyed doing Joshua’s den meeting with him.
  Meanwhile, I got to go to our PTA meeting and meet the new principal.  For those of you who haven’t met her yet, rest assured that she is very personable and accomplished.  She has two school children of her own, at another school, and I think we will all really like her.  

 a good pic….but not necessarily Christmas card material.  I’m really not sure that a Christmas card is going to happen this year.    

the boys and their Nonna

I was so happy yesterday to see that Joshua was actually trying his best to smile for photos.

 Caleb kept pelting me with snowballs.

Anything Dan does looks adorable in that little snow suit!

 I just love how happy they look.

 J.D. watched it all from the cozy foyer.

 Well, now, you know you can’t have a snow man without pool noodles.  ; )

Joshua’s footprint (tennis shoe) on the left, my footprint (Uggs knock-off boot) on the right.
He’s catching up with me!

Joshua made his own kind of snow man.

I finished off the snow man by adding the eyes and mouth.  : )

You can imagine their joy when they announced school closings for today.  Almost all the neighborhood kids were out, sliding down the hill in Betsy’s front yard this morning.  Joshua and Caleb spent two hours straight out there again this morning.
Now Joshua and his buddies are at Jacob’s house.  Caleb is right here beside me, playing iPad.  Dan is in his room, not napping, in fact now he says he needs to go “whoo-whoo” (potty), so I’m off to help.  Oh, the joys…


  • Oh my goodness, I just want to squeeze those squishy cheeks of Dan's!!! =) He is so stinkin' cute!!!
    Wish we had some snow….maybe next year…probably never. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Nice touch on the “falling snow” photo of Dan & Alan. We enjoyed the hospitality and the good food, especially your famous Poppy Seed Chicken. ~Daddy-O

  • So much fun!!! It is snowing like crazy here in NYC right now… and I just wish I was home with the kiddies instead of stuck at work!!!!!! Glad you enjoyed your day!!!

  • Anonymous

    JD in the striped outfit…could he be any cuter?!! Looks like a fun day! Loving Joshua's showman. And I think the family pic would make a cute Christmas card! AMY

  • You are in NYC? I've only been there once, but we loved it!

  • Yes! I live on long island, work in one of the outer boroughs, born in Queens and worked in the city for a bunch of years until I had Max…. and in all that time – I have never been to the Empire State Building and only went to the Statue of Liberty once…. lol!!!!

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