Melancholy Christmas Cards and Dental Nightmares

Did you know that the more children a woman has, the more teeth she is likely to lose?
  I’ve been in a sort of melancholy place lately.  Nothing big or bad going on, just little things…
  Today is our third day of snow, it’s warmed up a lot, so everything is all wet and drippy.  I can’t find any moments to spend by myself to save my life.  Then just when I least expected it to today, I got hit with a whammy.  I went to the dentist for a cleaning, only to discover a mouth full of little cavities.  
  Women, what are you more afraid of, dentists or gynecologists?
   They both top my list of fears, but I think dentists scare me the most.  
  These last two times I have had a baby have required serious dental damage control afterward.  I didn’t have too much trouble with this after baby #1 or 2, but Daniel and John David have done me in.  I didn’t skip dental appointments this time either.  PLUS, I’m truly a flosser, so what gives???
  I did some research to see if this is normal and why.
  It turns out this is NOT just me.  There’s an old wives tale that says, “For every child she has, a mother loses a tooth.”
  Ha!  Well, you know how the medical community feels about old wives tales.
   However, studies show that there actually IS a correlation.
  I found THIS on
In fact, out of the 2,635 women who participated, those with no children had lost one to two teeth, while women with children tended to lose more. Take, for example, women in the 35 to 49 age range: Those with just one child had lost an average of three teeth, while women with two children lost an average of four. This number of teeth increased to five for women with three children, and seven for those with four or more children.

  Isn’t that wild?
  That website maintained that the fault lies with the mothers.  Apparently, we are not brushing our teeth when we’re pregnant.  (Okay, sort of true when there’s morning sickness…)
  I’m not convinced that’s the only reason though.  I did find this on
  High levels of estrogen could promote cavities, according to this article.
  Hormones.  Go figure.

  I got one of my cavities filled this morning, but I’m not done.  I have to go back later for the rest.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.
   Dentists scare the snot out of me!!!!!!!

  As I mentioned before, I’m trying to join the Christmas spirit and not be a Scrooge this year.  I’m already doing better than last year.  Last year I was all nauseous, and Alan did most of the shopping for me!  This year at least I am out shopping!
  I figured I’d better go ahead and get my Christmas card done, so I went online where Snapfish had cards 50% off, which equalled out to around 50 cents a card.  SCORE!  
  I worked and slaved to upload just the right pictures and write what to say on it.
  I went with one of those collage cards since we don’t have one good, recent, family one.  The pictures turned out well, but there was also a section that read “What we’ve been up to this year” or something like that, that I had to fill out.  
  Obviously, this year was all about the new baby.  Plus, Alan changed jobs like three times, but that’s kind of hard to explain, so I left that part out.
  I wrote something like this:
  1.  We had a new baby.  2.  We’re really tired now.  3…..Oh, I don’t remember the rest, but you get the idea.
  I kind of just thought it would be funny, and really, who wants to read a brag-ish Christmas card?  
  Alan said it wasn’t upbeat enough, and I should change it.  Maybe I’ll get that done tonight.  I promise to sound Merry on my Christmas card.  ; )
   Okay, so in an effort to be all happy and upbeat:  We do have a TON to be thankful for.  Really, I should be smacked for ever complaining.  Here are a few photos of some of our blessings:
 thankful for a husband who is such a great daddy
He was drawing Dan a picture of a train.
 thankful for an oldest son who loves his baby brothers and HELPS with them
 thankful that Joshua and Caleb are such good buddies
 SUPER thankful the boys are finally old enough to do some significant chores!!!  They did a great job bagging leaves this year, and it provided them an excellent lesson in the value of hard work.   For example:
Joshua:  I just want a 2DS so bad!!!
Me:  Save your money then.
Joshua:  I can’t save $130!!  That’s like 130 bags of leaves!!!!
Yes!  Earning money is WORK!  He gets it!!  Job well done, pat on the back for Alan and me!!

 thankful Alan is handsome…..No complaining, Alan!  I am not taking that off.  

 thankful for weekends where we can be slobs in our own living room, while playing with our cute little baby

Merry Christmas, y’all!!!


  • April, I know how you feel about the dentist! I get so stressed out that they have to give me some gas to even clean my teeth! We really enjoyed our visit last week. I know we flew out the door Sunday afternoon but we were trying to get out ahead of the weather. It was a smart move because we got out of the state before we stopped for the night. The temp hovered at 32-33 so we couldn't travel too fast. It rained on us nearly the whole way home. Stay warm and dry.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations on getting the “Top Mommy Blogs” designation! ~Daddy-O

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