Christmas Pictures

J.D., this is his first Christmas!
  Tonight we fill stockings, and tomorrow morning we open presents.  The children will be beside themselves with glee.  
  Do you remember that feeling of complete and utter excitement?  I don’t feel that as a mom, but I do love watching my children get all excited about their presents and about playing with their cousins.
  We gave our presents to our kids already, but Santa will be bringing them a few more things Christmas morning.  
  I will remember this Christmas as one of our more difficult ones.  There was the car trip, Dan’s illness, then I got strep throat, juggling two rowdy big boys, one energetic two-year-old, and one sweet six month old with a torn up tummy…..and we still have the car trip back.
  ….So I suppose I should count my Christmas blessings.  I keep sentencing myself to counting blessings to try to fix my can-we-just-throw-up-our-hands-and-quit attitude?  I keep waiting for the day that the days get a bit easier!!
I know.  I shouldn’t complain.  After all, I just got to visit people I love that I haven’t seen in years, some that I hadn’t seen in a year, and others that I had not seen in months.  That’s a big deal.  Being with those you love most is so important.
We’re watching It’s a Wonderful Life, as we speak, and it’s a great reminder.  
My favorite reminder of all time, though, of the meaning of Christmas, is this song, and it’s so beautiful:



 The sweetest thing this Christmas was that I just kept opening one gift after another after another……from CALEB.  That boy bought all his brothers and Daddy one gift each, but he gave me five gifts:  a ring, a coffee mug, a bracelet, a drawing, I lost track!

 Thank you, Caleb!

 Caleb has been really into puppet shows, and we got him these puppets.

Joshua was so excited about his Wimpy Kid Do-it Yourself journal.

Caleb, with his new tool kit

Amy and Greg sent the boys this board of locks and slides, and they enjoyed figuring it out.

Merry Christmas!!


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