The World of my 2 Year Old

This was SO EXCITING, ya’ll.  Now that JD can sit and play with toys, Daniel is beginning to view him as a buddy.  : )  They played in Dan’s room together (as in close by, simultaneously playing) for 30 minutes today.  Daniel was having a ball putting Lightning McQueen in and out of the Mac trucks while JD LOVED the shape sorter.  He kept grabbing it, shaking it, and throwing it.  
  Dan has three months left of being TWO!  I hear people say all the time that they never experienced the terrible twos.  
  haaahahaha!  I have!
  But not like you might think.  When I say that, it conjures up images of fit throwing– “my way only” kind of kids, and that’s NOT Dan at all.  Daniel is super sweet, unbelievably helpful  (I can’t unload the dishwasher without him), and he does not throw fits.  He does yell no occasionally, and we’re working on that, but he’s never taken a stand against me in public or anything like that. (thank goodness)  He really is a pleasure to take in public because he’s so cute and obedient, quite the faithful sidekick!
  Last week Alan took him to the grocery store, and when they came out of the store, a firetruck was driving past them, in the parking lot.  The driver spotted Dan, put on the brakes, and reversed.  Then the firefighters jumped out and showered him with attention and gave him a plastic fireman hat!
 It’s just that Dan has been a potty training nightmare, and he has managed to break and lose a few things.  He goes full throttle all day long.  
  A couple in our Sunday school class said that they potty train their kids in a day.  One day and done.  I almost choked on my water when they said that.
  Daniel was the one who insisted on potty training.  He wasn’t even quite two yet when he decided he wanted to do his business on the potty.  For some reason, he just feels no qualms about back-tracking and pooping in his pants whenever he feels like it’s his best option.
  This makes me sad, but sometimes he does it because I’m so busy breast-feeding JD, that he knows I can’t help him in time.  There’s no way to combat that.
  No kid gets that waited-on-hand-and-foot experience that the first born gets!
  Yeah, so he’s been trained for a while now for number one, but you know what, while this would have gotten to me with previous kids, I’m really not that worried about it.
  But I do get grossed out sometimes.
Okay.  Enough about poop.
 I have mixed feelings about this, but Dan does not need a nap every day anymore!  Yikes!  Yesterday I was happily skipping the nap so we could put him to bed early, but he fell asleep on the rug in the basement.  Oh well.  Then we had the forever long bed time.  BUT today he managed to skip nap with no side effects, and it WORKED.  He was asleep in a flash tonight.
  …..Meanwhile, Caleb, age 6, also seems to finally be able to skip his nap!
🙂  God made ALL kids different.  Gotta love it.
Dan is doing great.  He talks our ears off.  He is so lucky to be #3.  Joshua and Caleb actually include him in their play.  They ADORE Daniel.  Today Joshua was not here, but Drake was over here playing with Caleb.  They were playing a variation of chase/hide and go seek with Daniel.  Daniel barged into the kitchen and asked me, “Can I bite brothers?”
  Don’t worry; I told him no.  : )  He asked me about 10 more times, then he went roaring down to the basement to “get” Drake and Caleb.
  There are all different kinds of genius that a person can have.  I don’t know which type this falls under, but Daniel’s talent is that he can quickly and effectively disable any child-proof device faster than most moms can.  That’s right.  Nothing is safe.
 He’s still the neatest kid we’ve ever had.  He cleans up after himself.  We’ve never had a kid that did that.  I was at a friend’s house, and he colored.  When he finished coloring, he just went ahead and put all the crayons back in the box, closed the box, and closed the books and stacked them up.  
  Obviously, he doesn’t always do this, but this is huge for us!  Oh!  And he caps his markers after he uses them!!  It’s like Mommy Heaven.
  Daniel is so excited that JD can finally play with him, and I am so glad that we followed through with our plan of having a fourth baby so Dan would not be growing up alone while Joshua and Caleb have each other.
 …..But man am I tired!
The boys have been out of school two weeks, and I’m feeling pretty beat down.  There’s never a lull for me to sit down and think.  How do people homeschool??  I NEED down time.  I NEED time when I don’t have to speak to anyone or smile.
  If you need me tomorrow, you may find me hiding between the bed and the wall.  If they walk in my room, they can’t see the other side of the bed.  I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it might work.  I mean, no one can be surrounded by other people ALL the time, right???

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  • With “Dan Cam,” there's no telling what else you'll find out about him before he turns 3!

  • Anonymous

    April, They are just adorable! If it makes you feel any better, Madison was nearly FOUR before she was fully potty trained! Talk about a potty training nightmare……I still growl when I think about that one LOL Amber

  • You make this mommying thing look so easy! We all know it's not but your love for your children shines through.
    It's really cool the firemen went the extra mile for Dan — gave me the warm fuzzies.

  • Thanks, Amber and Krissy! That's very sweet of you!!

  • You have beautiful boys which makes for no wonder as to why you are enjoying them so much! And mothering is exhausting! May you find some down time to restore yourself as school starts back up. So glad that I visited from Make My Saturday Sweet.

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