Amusing Kids Quotes

Alan took both boys out to shoot BB guns over Christmas.
Alan said that while Joshua wasn’t holding it right at all, he hit his target dead on.
  A dad taking his boys out to shoot.  That’s a tradition as old as time.  I guess originally it would’ve been the dad taking the boys out to use sticks and bows and arrows and the like.  Either way, the bonding and learning is the same.  
  They were both a little nervous about participating.  Being raised in the city doesn’t really lend itself to these type of activities.  
  Psychology goes a long way though.  I asked one of them that was trying to back out, “Do you want to go shooting, or do you want to stay here with Mommy and the babies?”
  hehehe  They aren’t into the whole “mommy” thing so much now.
   Joshua informed me on Saturday, “I’m not a baby anymore, so you’re just Mom and Dad now, not Mommy.”
  I forgot this when I went to get him from Jacob’s house.  I said something to him and referred to myself as “Mommy”, and he quickly corrected me.  “No, no, it’s Momma.  Not Mommy.”
  I just corrected myself, “Oh!  yeah!  I forgot.  Sorry.”
I’m telling you, this year has been new territory with Joshua.
  Tonight Joshua said something I thought was cute.
  “I really like all gross stuff, except for kissing on the lips. Stuff like hang-y eye balls and skin falling off.  I really like gross stuff like that.”
  Short bragging parent moment:
  We were excited, after a semester of worrying over the boys’ problems with paying attention in school, when Joshua received a letter in the mail from the school, congratulating him on his good grades.  He got all 3s and 4s the first quarter (equivalent to old school A/B Honor Roll), and received a “golden soar card” as his prize.
   He was so excited.   Wahoo!!!  Yay Joshua!

Alan and the boys, in the woods, in Alabama
Sweet home Alabama!
We overheard this conversation tonight between Joshua and Caleb:
J:  You love *Dora*  (name changed)
Caleb and *Dora* sitting in a tree!
C:  No!!  NO!!  Actually, yes.  I like *Dora*.  I’m going to kiss her on the lips tomorrow.  Actually, she always kisses *Arthur* (name changed).  Girls kiss him all over the face.
Both boys laughed, and continued on this theme…
After a while, Alan and I came down stairs.  Then we heard a commotion, so we went back upstairs to check on the boys.  We found all THREE oldest boys laying in Joshua’s bed together.
“Can’t we please, please all sleep together and have a slumber party???”
Absolutely not.  School starts back tomorrow.
  Last quote:
Joshua explained to me that a crush is when someone likes someone else.  He seemed to have a good grasp on the subject.  Caleb, on the other hand, chimed in:
“Yep!  I’ve had lots of crushes on you, Mommy!”
🙂  Ah, Caleb, thank you so much for still being so young and so sweet.
Okay, one more!
Every now and then, when other children come to play with our children, everything goes really well until it’s time for them to go home.  There’s the occasional buddy that doesn’t want to leave.  Sometimes they run.  Sometimes they hide.  Sometimes they just flat out tell me they don’t want to leave yet.
  So this is what I do:
I firmly tell them, “Huh?  Oh, no.  I have four kids and way too much to do, so come on because I do not have time for that.”
  This seems to make sense to everyone, young or old, and it hasn’t failed me yet.
Have a great week!

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