John David: 6 Months

Joshua, Caleb, Daniel, and John David
all at 6 months old
  Somewhere during that whole Christmas schmorgasborg,  John David turned 6 months old!  Oh, he is such a SWEET, sweet, sweet little thing.  I would say he favors his brothers, wouldn’t you??
  I was so excited to finally figure out how to make that collage!  I learned about from a fellow blogger:  Her name keeps coming up on here!  I promise I’m not stalking you, Di!  She blogged about picmonkey ages ago, and I finally got around to trying it out.
  My friend Mabby posted a collage of her three as babies, and I just HAD to do it too!
  Yes, I’m a copy-cat.  : )
So let’s talk about this chubby little 6-month-old!
Height:  28 inches, 90%  
Weight:  20 lb 14 oz., 75-90%
Not too shabby, JD!  Of course, he lost a pound during the great 14 day poop bug, but he’s all better now.
He’s tracking to be similar in size to Joshua.    
JD has hit all the important milestones, but alas, he is not a roll-er.  He loves to sit, he loves to stand (supported), but he isn’t the least bit interested in rolling.  I don’t remember for sure, but I think Caleb was like this too.
As I’ve said before though, overall I try not to worry about milestones like that.  Each child develops on their own timetable, and John David is doing great.  He is good about creeping from sitting to tummy, so I cheer for that.  
  John David LOVES his brothers, and his brothers LOVE him.  Dan and John David are going to be an adorable duo.  Daniel is just all about him these days.  I think he woke him up from two separate naps today.  
  Don’t worry.  
  Daniel walked away from the situation unharmed.  If ever there were a child that needed to be tied, leash-style, to his momma, it’s Daniel.  My goodness, he’s so sweet, though.  
  You can imagine how I felt when I found him dangling over the crib rail, one leg in, one leg out:
“Baby awake!  Baby awake!  Baby play with me!”
I think I need to find a way to actually attach the Dan cam to Daniel’s shirt…..


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