My Search for the Perfect Jeans

Let’s face it:  when you’re a SAHM, jeans are pretty much your dress clothes.  Catch me at home, and I’m wearing yoga pants, but put me in public, and I go digging for my blue jeans.
Warning to my three most faithful readers:  Alan, Dad, and DaddyO:  this post really is about pants.  I’m so sorry.
  Actually, let me stop right here and acknowledge that my FAVORITE pants of ALL time are neither jogging pants nor blue jeans:  New York and Company City Stretch Pants.  They look like nice pants–they are nice pants–but they are ELASTIC…..NOT classic old lady elastic, but sleek undercover elastic.  I can wear my regular New York and Company all the way through the first 7 months of pregnancy!
….Only now that I’ve done that twice, they are a little roomy and fall down all day long.  I may have overstretched them.
only available at New York & Company stores!
Elastic waist, super comfy, while still seriously cute!  These are the 2 pair that I didn’t stretch out with my preggo belly.
  Now if you see me very often, you know that my weight is a roller coaster.  That’s not because I’m a crash dieter.  I’ve NEVER been on a diet in my life.  It’s just because I’ve had FOUR children in eight years, and my body thinks pregnancy is some sort of gain-weight-contest.
  I’m proclaiming this my last baby though, so I’m on the hunt to join this “skinny jean” trend.  …..Only I will be doing the Mom version of that.  Mom jeans??  NO, no, I don’t mean this:
  I mean that I’m in the market for a mid-rise, dark wash version that will not cut off my circulation.  I visited lots of different stores and tried on lots of jeans, and I found TWO that I love:
1.  Cheap option:
   WAL-MART.  Not kidding, mid-Atlantic region friends!  (Walmart here is nothing like Walmart in the south.  It’s more like the marketplace, jammed with rude people, and no one that works there speaks English as their first language).
  Now, I’m not talking about Faded Glory bluejeans.  
What I bought is Levi Signature, Mid-rise Skinny Jeans.  $19.99!!!!  Levi’s makes a version of their jeans just for Walmart.
Both pair do stretch during the day, so you want to go with the smaller size of your size range.  Walmart Levis are the pair on the left in the photo, and the GAP pair is on the right.
Option #2:
GAP “1969 Always Skinny” Jeans, also mid-rise.  These were not available in the store at the mall, so I  ordered them online for $60.  I thought I had a coupon code, but turns out the fine print was that it didn’t apply to jeans.  GAP can get away with that because their jeans are awesome.
The only thing better about the GAP pair is that the bottom part of the leg is skinnier, making them look nicer when tucked into boots.  The Walmart pair isn’t really all that “skinny”…..maybe that’s why I like them….
Walmart Levi’s on left, GAP on right
The ONLY reason I caved to the skinny jean trend was because it looks AWESOME tucked into boots, and it can make for a very put together looking outfit. 
I have only one sad thing to tell you.  You can now shop New York & Company online, but I could not find the pants that I love on their website.  Do you think they’re discontinuing them????  That’d be awful!!
Next time I shop, I want to get a pair of those jeans with the sparkly pockets!!!

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