Babies have their own personalities.

JD is so sick he just threw up a bunch of mucus and lunch…all over me, of course…..but look.  The boy still smiles.  Sweet.  Sweet.  Sweet. Sweet, sweetness!!
  The bigger JD gets the less he reminds me of Joshua, in the face, and more of Daniel.  He has one great distinguishing characteristic though:  dimples on BOTH cheeks.  Oh, he will be popular with the ladies I think!
   The best thing about John David though isn’t his looks:   it’s that sought after disposition that you want in a baby!  This boy is laaaaaaaid back.  I love it.  
   Sometimes I actually forget about him.
   Joshua was like this, and it used to upset me when I’d pick him up from a church nursery and I could tell  that he’d been so quiet that no one had even bothered to take him out of his car-seat carrier or anything.  
  I remember picking him up one day and feeling annoyed that he was asleep already, still in his carrier.  The nursery worker (probably rolling her eyes at my first-time- parent- high-strung-ways) said, “Oh, we didn’t put him to sleep.  He just put himself to sleep.”  
  Bless their hearts.  I understand now.  They had lots of babies to watch, and they were just letting “sleeping babies lie”.  
   A friend of ours kept Joshua one time, and he said, “I mean, don’t take this the wrong way, but he’s so quiet,  you can kind of forget about him!”
  Ha!  I thought babies were FABULOUS.  Cute.  Squooshy.  Sweet.  Low maintenance.  
I thought, “Let’s have another right away.  I love it.”  At Joshua’s 1st birthday party, I made the announcement.  My first two would be 20 months apart.
  Then I had Caleb.  The boy spent the first two months never napping more than 30 minutes, unless he was being held.  He cried every time I put him in the car.  He wanted to be fed constantly.  I didn’t get to spend my nights in my own bed (rather than the rocking/recliner in his room) for the first 5 weeks!
  He just had his own personality.
Once Caleb finished the newborn phase, he mellowed a lot too.  This is Caleb at –I can’t believe it, but there’s the date on the photo–2 months.  Whaaa???  He was so big, he wasn’t even on the growth chart.  He’s barely on it now.
  Three and a half years later, enter Daniel.  He was an awesome sleeper, but a JOB to take in public.  I remember going to church one of the first times after having him (via c-section), and it was Mother’s Day.  My friend Laura had given birth THE DAY AFTER I had, to a little girl.  
  Our pastor awarded a gift bag to the “most recent” mother.  Laura and I stood up, but she received the gift, as her baby was one day newer than mine.  That was all pretty fun.
  By the time the service was over, Laura and I were back in the nursery’s breastfeeding area.  Her baby drank her milk sweetly and then sat quietly in a chair without uttering a sound.
   Daniel cried all the way through his attempted feeding.  He would not take a bottle.  Then he did not like the nursing cover blanket, and he was just over-hungry and all worked up and crying like you wouldn’t believe.  
  …I might have also cried.
  When I went to leave, I found the Mother’s Day gift bag (which included chocolate!) that Laura had received inside MY diaper bag.  
  “I think you need it more than I do, “Laura said, sympathetically.
  Pretty sure I cried again.
Nana and little Daniel.  2 months.  Daniel was actually our fattest baby, but he was also by far the shortest–still is.
Well, God has seen my distress  and has given us another easy baby.  Yesterday, I was so busy in the kitchen, I forgot that he’d woken up and I’d put him in the bouncy excer-saucer type toy in the living room!  Poor thing!  I felt just awful!  He wasn’t really alone, though.  Brothers were coming and going from the living room.
  And now John David has a terrible head cold.  I didn’t sleep much at all last night.  He was up so much because he could barely breathe through his nose.   We have his car seat carrier in the crib for him to sleep in.  That helps a ton with the drainage.   
   Even sick, sometimes it’s as though he doesn’t want to cause any extra bother.  Yes, I could just hug and squeeze him all day.
JD kept looking up, impressed, at Daniel on top of the bunk beds.  Dan can now climb up there with no ladder.  I feel like I should explain the blue painter’s tape on the floor:  I found that yesterday.  Caleb built it to be a race track for their cars.  He didn’t run many races though.  Caleb really just likes to play with tape.

  • Enjoyed the post. Caleb favors David D in his two month picture. I think it is the smile. Hope John David is feeling better soon so both of you can get some sleep. You can tell in the picture that Daniel is quite proud of himself for reaching the top bunk! Joshua and John David very laid back… Nice 50/50 on that one. Joshua is a great oldest brother!

  • Thanks! I took JD to urgent care. He had a double ear infection, so he is now on Meds and will hopefully be better tomorrow!

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