“Aliens are fierce and weird.”

This was one of THOSE weeks!
  I have to shout this to the world before I go any further!!
  Yes, I realized there are very few of you, other than myself, that are all excited about this news, but by golly, I was thrilled!!  Of course, as soon as I whipped out the camera, he became “stranded baby” and wouldn’t budge.
Have you ever had one of those weeks that was so insanely rough (especially in the night hours with a sick baby and a toddler with night terrors) that you think, “I’m going to be completely dysfunctional tomorrow.”
Then this crazy thing happened, I actually wasn’t dysfunctional!  Woo-hoo!  
I still managed to:
-Order the boys new, nice book bags that will not need to constantly be re-sewn
-Perfect my guacamole recipe–yummy-ness!
-Throw together a new recipe for Chocolate Cream Trifle–so delicious!
-Bake a cake for the boys.
-Take the kids to the park 2 days.
-Take the kids out to ride bikes 1 day.
-Blog 3 times.
-Wash a lot of clothes.
-Take boys to the doctor on two different days.
-Cook dinner almost every single night.
-Read a new book.
-Pin a few pins on Pinterest and read Facebook.  Yes, that’s an accomplishment!!  It’s like the newspaper…..sort of…  😉
I think I’ve been living on adrenaline.  Next week will be easy, and I’ll be all crashed on the couch!

  Something good happened today though:  Alan was off work.  I got to take a two hour nap!!!  I had earned it because JD woke up every hour or two for several nights this week, fighting the double ear infection.
  Oh, and JD and Joshua are finally doing better.  Joshua even went to school.
Daddy, wearing the Ergo carrier and cuddling with Daniel.  
We love bonus Daddy-at-home days!
“for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”
Philippians 4:11
Okay, maybe I haven’t really learned that yet, but I’m feeling it today.  I feel downright happy, even though I’m sitting here in chaos.  Can you see all the Legos in the floor of the above photo???
Let’s look at it positively:  the boys were using their brains by playing Legos….next we will work on cleaning up after ourselves….
“Who am I, O Sovereign Lord, and what is my family that you have brought me this far?”
2 Samuel 7:18

  Hey!  We get knocked down, but we get up again!!!  Tomorrow that basement better step back because I am all over it!  I will get that basement de-clutttered even if it means everyone has to eat cereal all day and pull their clothes out of the folded clothes basket!!

***Funny Things I’ve Heard Around Here***
Caleb:  Joshua, you don’t know anything about aliens.
Joshua:  Yes I do!  I know ALL about them.
Caleb:  Like what?
Joshua:  Aliens are fierce and weird.
Me:  Joshua, I’m going to take you to see the doctor in the morning.
Joshua:  What!!  NO!  Not that doctor you took JD to!!!  I don’t want them sticking that thing up my….
Me:  Joshua, o, no no, sweetie.  I promise they ONLY do that to babies.  You don’t ever have to worry about that.  
Joshua:  Oh, phew, because that looked terrible!

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