The Foot Eater

That’s right!  I’ve been labeling!!!
  Watch out Money Saving Mom’s Budget book!  I might make it to chapter 3 yet!  I now have the storage room, the guest room, and the basement playroom completely de-cluttered and re-organized.

I didn’t say it was ready for Better Homes & Gardens, ya’ll!  I’m just thankful that everything has a place, and we know where everything is.  
I figure we get some slack here since it’s a basement playroom!

toy shelves
Heaven help the kid who puts a Hot Wheels car in the ‘Action Figures’ box!!!
….just kidding…..sort of….
 One room left until the basement is done, and that’s the laundry room.  Ugh.  I love my big ol’ concrete floored laundry room, but it houses it’s share of clutter, that’s for sure!
  So far I’ve put together a rubbermaid bin, a cardboard box, a paper grocery bag, and a wooden hope chest full of ‘yard sale’ items!  We’ve also marked several pieces of furniture for the chopping block.  Be looking for a massive yard sale at our house this spring!!

JD is now 7 months old.  I can’t believe it.  Still no teeth, but as you can see, he’s finally started to “teeth” on his toys.  I’ve always thought it was adorable to see a baby gnawing on a toy.

JD’s biggest fascination right now is with his feet.  He loves them.  In this pic, he’s spotted the foot, and he’s reaching for it.
Got it!  nom, nom, nom, nom….
  Don’t worry.  The toddler rocker doesn’t tip.  
  The bath chair sure does though!!  Someone, not me, I won’t rat him out…..was bathing JD this morning, bent over to get shampoo, and when he turned around JD had catapulted himself out of the bath chair and face down into the water.   Poor babe.  Don’t worry.  Alan caught him right away.
  He’s needed a toddler bath seat since he was 4 months old, but I never could find one second hand.  It looks like I’m going to have to bite the bullet and pay retail.  Drat.
Quote of the day:
  Alan was tucking Daniel back into bed, AGAIN, as we have trouble lately with Dan staying in bed, and Dan said, “Hope.. Mommy… milk… me.”
  For some reason Dan, who is still 2 –so this is okay, tends to talk in fragments, leaving out ‘the’, ‘a’, ‘and’, and even verbs..  He also takes pauses between words, and the combination of all of this, plus his pudgy little baby face, makes every single thing he says irresistibly cute.
  “Hope Mommy milk me” simply means, “I hope Mommy will bring me some milk.”
Odd problem that we have….
Caleb loves crafts.  One thing Caleb likes about crafts is getting to use glue, staples, and tape.   
Alan and I tend to use index cards a lot for a lot of different things.  Caleb got hold of our index cards and stapled them all together in huge groups, about 10-50 cards per set, with about 6 staples per set.
….  : /  Now every time we want a card we have to rip it out, and then the card looks all ‘ate up’.  
We’ve had a talk with the boy about stapling things….and taping things…
When these kids grow up and move out, I’m going to be bored out of my mind!

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