Big Announcement!!!

Happy “Snow Week 2014”!!!
Our kids went to school all of one day this week.  My friend Anne said that we should make t-shirts that read, “We survived Snow Week 2014!”  hehehe
*******MY ANNOUNCEMENT*******
  After five years of calling the national capital region our home, it is with lots of mixed emotions that I announce our upcoming cross-country move.  
  That’s right.  We’ll be packing it all up and heading to the west coast this summer.  It’s time for Alan to get his master’s degree.  
  Am I going back to school too?  
   No Way!!!  I have zip desire whatsoever to ever have to study for another test!!
  This may be the saddest move I’ve ever dealt with.  We’ve never lived anywhere this long before.  We’ve never been a part of such an unbelievable community.  I wish I could pack up all my friends and take them with me!!  We love it here.  
  Yes, it’s sort of rat-race, crazy- busy here, but it’s the world we’ve come to know, and we love it.
  Our children love it too, so that makes it even harder.  Joshua’s best friend lives right next door, with all of his other buddies so nearby.  Caleb’s best friend lives three houses over, and all of his buddies are nearby as well.  
  These are the people that supported me when Alan was overseas, babysat my children, supported us through the birth of John David, and hung out with us after school and on the weekends.
  This is the school where both of my boys went to kindergarten!  
  I’ve always said we have our own little Mayberry in the midst of a modern urban world, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but now we have to say farewell.
 Words can’t describe how much I will miss this.
  It’s not good-bye though!
  I am convinced we will be back, so don’t forget about us, neighborhood friends.  There’s no way we could ever forget any of you.
***Snow Week 2014***
 A neighbor gave us these awesome blocks for Daniel, but actually Caleb is the biggest fan.  He is lovin’ ’em, and I LOVE anything that engages Caleb’s creativity.
Joshua and JD.  Joshua is an AMAZING big brother.  
Word to the wise:  never let your kids buy a Captain Underpants book.  Total garbage full of bathroom jokes and the words “poopoo”.  Believe me, that is the last thing this age group needs reminding about!!!  I’m throwing the one Joshua got away.  If I sold it, I’d just bring problems to someone else’s home.  ugh.
 Joshua, trying so hard to entertain his brother.

 our baby bath solution until we can find an infant bath chair
 Xavier and JD

 JD had the hardest time with wanting to look at Xavier instead of the camera.  Finally, Zoe stepped in and got him laughing for the pic above this one.

Sean (Xavier’s dad) took his kids and Joshua out snowboarding down a local hill.  Joshua is SO EXCITED about this that he is still talking about it.  He wants his own snowboard, and he can’t wait to try this again.

There goes Joshua down the hill!!

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