Little boys are great men in training.

What?  Doesn’t everyone scribble on their bed with purple marker?
Bet you can’t guess who did that…yep, it was him.  I was sitting right next to him when he did it too.   Oh well, a person only has so many eyeballs.  Perhaps the marker will wash out.

Oh, and guess what!  He finally has a tooth poking through.  Now he’s teething on everything like crazy, and of course, waking up at night.
  There’s a reason I’m always a little grumpy and sleep deprived.  Give me a year, and hopefully I’ll be a smiley person again.

play time with brothers

Never knock the whole “involved modern dad” thing.  It is WONDERFUL.  You hear all the stories of how our granddads came home and read their paper.  I guess the iPad is the new “paper”, so if you look at it that way, modern dads do that too…….but so do I.
Actually, we run our ship in a pretty traditional fashion since I am a stay-at-home mom (and aspiring writer, too..)  It works for us this way.  Each family has their own circumstances.
  The great thing about Alan is that he’s not afraid to pile every single kid that wants to go with him in the car to go get groceries. (Goodness knows I don’t want to go out in the 15 degree weather).  He often fixes breakfast for the boys, and my favorite thing—he almost ALWAYS cleans up supper!!!
   ….all in addition to working long hours at the office.  God bless him!!
  Alan also always ends up being the “coach” of sports teams and such.  He’s that guy.  Part of this is my fault.  You’re filling out the sign up form, and it requires you to sign up for a volunteer position.  If you DON’T volunteer, you get charged a fee!!
  I take a deep breath, click the assistant coach bubble, and Alan has yet to complain.
  He’s done the head coach position before too.  Turns out that that actually does require a lot more work!
  When Alan is head coach, he’s less available when I need him, plus it provides more stress, so that’s really punishing myself, so I click “assistant coach.”
  Somehow one of the moms always gets stuck coaching, whether they really want to or not.  What does that say about us really?  Come on dads!
Say whatever you want, but the fact is that the boys love having a male coach.  They rarely have male teachers, not at school nor at church.  Everywhere they go, they are surrounded by women leaders.  They YEARN for the leadership of men.
  Little boys aren’t training to be great women.  They’re training to be great men, and so they need lots of examples.
  Thank you, Alan, for being one of those.

I wonder if they know how lucky they are to have Alan.  I try to remember to tell them from time to time.

You know, if we lived on a farm, which I doubt we ever will, that’s just not who we are, the boys would get to do a lot more of that outdoor stuff that they so long to do.
  As it is, they are lucky to get to bag leaves and shovel snow.  Most of the time, they go from being stuck indoors all day (real recess is over with the winter weather), sitting in desks (which, as it turns out, really isn’t a little boy’s forte),  and then they go home to do more homework.
  They need the opportunities to get outside and flex that super-active component that God gave them and learn by experimenting.  I’ve noticed that boys love that.
  I’m always looking for ways to squeeze in outdoor time.  This week we had only one day that the temperatures got up to 50 degrees.  I bundled up the babies, plopped them in the jogger, and walked to the school to get the “big” boys.  (None of them are really big).  Then we all went to the park.  The babies stayed inside the stroller, but Joshua and Caleb never seemed to notice the cold.  They were all over that park with the sticks and what snow remained.
  I finally had to leave because Dan was so cold, and JD was starting to fuss, and Joshua and Caleb were so reluctant to leave.
  That’s one thing I’m excited about with our move to the west.  We will be in a warmer area than here, so they should get to play outdoors more.
I had to wake them up from their naps.  JD was fine with it, but Dan wanted to go back to bed.
Meanwhile, you can’t say I’m not teaching them to do chores:

Wash those dishes, boy!  : )

2 most popular toys ever for little boys:  the stick (not pictured) and the ball.  JD is so jealous of Dan’s little basketball.  He just begged and begged Dan for it, and Dan would try to roll it to him for a while, but Dan wasn’t about to give up that basketball.

I was tidying up the basement yesterday, I do this every day now that I have it fixed the way I like it, and I found this fort set up with these words on the easel:
Knowing Joshua, that was probably his team name, his team being he, Drake, and Caleb
……and of course, they had a plan of some sort..

See, this boy knows all about cooking and cleaning.  Now he just needs Daddy to teach him about basketball, mending fences, and changing tires!

We have to sub sun-butter for peanut butter, which I think is disgusting.  Thankfully, Dan is a big fan.

He really is my best helper ever.

No bake cookies!
recipe to come soon!  This is the perfect thing to make with kids.

keeping Dan busy…

…..because this is what happens when he’s not busy….
In the winter, there are few opportunities to climb rocks, so boys must find ways to do what they do best….gotta keep ’em busy!!!

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