The Baby Weight Plateau

practicing his back-to-belly-roll….He almost has it!
  Now you probably think I’m talking about my weight plateau…..ha!   I have hit one too, but I’m actually referring to the baby!!!
  We call him JD now, most of the time, and we named him with that in mind.  John David can be a mouthful.  Daniel just calls him “David,” and it sounds so CUTE when Dan says it.
  John David finally had his “6 month” well baby visit this past week.  Ha!  He’s fully 7 months old.  
The weird part:  he hasn’t gained ANY weight in 3 months!!!!

He does continue to lengthen, though.  He weighs 20.15, and he has weighed that since November!  The doc wasn’t concerned since he is so heavy anyway.  She said that since he’s getting more mobile, he’s just losing it. 
(I sort of cringed when she referred to him as ‘mobile’, since the truth is he’s typically happy to be Mr. “I’m not movin’!”)
 I get that.  ALL of my babies plateaued eventually, but that usually happened after a year, after crawling and walking had begun, not at 7 months.  JD is just breaking the mold a bit, I guess!
Height:  29 inches = 90/95 %
Weight:  20.15 lb.=  50-75%
Well, what do you know?  It looks like he’s going to be a Joshua- sized kid.
This is by far JD’s favorite toy.  Every baby should get one of these!

 He’s all about his feet, and oh yes, he’s also still very bald.
  It’s really fun to watch the boys interacting with their baby brother.  They all just adore him and beg me to hold him all the time.  Joshua really does a great job.  Caleb tries, but he still thinks some crazy things are okay to do with a baby that aren’t really, so we have to handle that combo a little more carefully.  
    Daniel ADORES him.  He’s always asking me to put JD in the floor with him, so they can share toys.  It’s so cute to watch Dan trading toys with him and hugging all over him.
  It is a 100% guarantee that if Dan gets sick, JD will too.  (It was a miracle JD didn’t get Dan’s Christmas strep throat!  Phew!)
  I think it’s FASCINATING how germs spread though.  A virus will invade and your body will replicate it in enormous amounts, and you send it out with every sneeze, every snot, you name it, BUT if the person that receives the germ doesn’t have the sort of lock/key combination that lets that virus invade, they go unharmed.  I watched a really great video that explains all this:
Isn’t that fascinating??
  I am happy to report that after the agony that was last week, this week no one is sick……so far!  Phew!
  I had a very productive day today, which I owe all to Daniel.  Around 11 am he asked if he could take a nap.  Ha!!!
  OHhhh, yes, little buddy, you certainly may!
  I then watched him off and on, via the Dan cam, playing and playing and playing in the floor of his room for about 2 hours!  I guess he just wanted some play alone time.  It was so cute to watch on the monitor.  He drags his pillow and his blanket down to the rug on his floor, lays down with his two favorite airplanes (from the movie Planes) and goes to town.  
  He flew them back and forth and had them shouting to each other, “Caaaaaaweb!!!”  “Danyyyyel!”  
  After about two hours, he fell asleep and slept until I woke him up to go pick up his brothers from school!  Talk about an easy day for me!!!
  Thank you, Lord, and thank you, Dan!  I NEEDED that!!  I really did, after yesterday–
–the day of 5 fillings—That’s right.  I’m getting to know my dentist real well.  Yesterday was a wash.
   Today was great.
  I knocked out lots of paperwork (which I loathe) as well as multiple loads of laundry.  I even got to give JD some extra attention.  Plus, I had supper cooked before noon.  Joy!  Past that I really don’t even remember.  
  Do you think tomorrow could be this good??
  One can hope!

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