Our First Basketball Season and Other Stories

I guess, what with the snow storm and all, that it actually was “meant to be” for me to spend this weekend at home with my little man clan.  While I did miss getting to see my parents, as planned, a lot of good did come out of this weekend:

-We had 4 days together as a whole family + tomorrow the boys go back to school, and Alan will be home with just the littles and me.  Quality time is a very good thing, and we do need it.

-I got to see Joshua play his last regular season basketball game, and that’s only the second one I have made it to, for various reasons.  I’m thankful I got to see him play.

-We had this surprisingly splendid Sabbath-like Sunday today.  We were all well enough to go to church together (rare in the winter).  They let me off nursery duty because we were short on babies, and I haven’t gotten to go into the regular service in a while.

Then after church, we had a lunch and supper that no one complained about–rare all year long.  Alan and I got to spend the whole day talking and planning our move (coming up in June).

-I got to go see the Frozen Sing-along with Joshua and my friend Barbara and her three kids on Friday.  Loved it!

   By the way, I was proud of Barbara and me.  We took four kids to the movie theatre, didn’t buy anyone any food or drink, and no one really asked for any.  Awesome.

-The evening of Valentine’s Day was a sweet moment.  Most years we do make plans for that, but this year at 6pm on Valentine’s Day, I was taking a stroll around the neighborhood, just Joshua and me.  It’s hard walking in all the snow and slushy patches, but we still had a great walk.

What a great day.  Here are a few highlights from the long weekend:

4brothers allbrothers

I lined them up for a “Thank you for our valentine, Nonna and DaddyO” type photo……This was the best we could do!     THANK YOU, Nonna and DaddyO, they were all excited about their card and $5!  At least Daniel seemed to get the idea.

daddylove tootallbaby

I was so excited to score this baby play table for……FREE.  I belong to several Facebook groups where people sell things to each other, and I haven’t found any great deals there yet, BUT I also belong to my “neighborhood ladies” Facebook page, and people just GIVE stuff away on there to whoever claims it first.  Pretty awesome, huh?

Have you ever noticed that a few people that are selling their used stuff seem to think their stuff is worth a lot more than it really is?  That’s kind of a pet peeve of mine:  like the Yard Sale where the owner has clearly never had a yard sale before and is charging $5 per sweater (lol).  I take one look around that type of “yard sale” and flee the premises.  I like the kind where pretty much everything costs $1-3.

  I was thrilled to find this table, so you can imagine my disappointment when we realized that John David is simply too tall to be able to fully enjoy it.  He needs to practice his standing at the coffee table instead.

7mos playtime Danface daddytime crossbridge bridgeCaleb

Caleb and Daniel were taking turns “being a bridge” and crossing each other.  Don’t worry– no people or furniture were harmed in the crossing of the bridges.  : )


Life with boys.

meandjosh joshua

how we get ready for a basketball game….


Does anyone have a caption for this????

And can you find Daniel in the above photo?


At the 1st/2nd grade level, there are zero bleachers at the basketball game.  You have to sit in this tiny little space between that black line and the wall.  We’ve tried baseball, soccer, and now basketball, and this is the easiest by far for me to take all the boys to.  There’s no where for them to run around!  They actually HAVE to stick with me.  Actually, this week Daniel pretty much hung out with Sean (our next-door neighbor–his son, Xavier is also on the team) the whole time.  I think he was making Sean draw him stuff on his Magna Doodle.

Magna-Doodles are a life-saver.  All ages love them, and it doesn’t need batteries.

Of course, when Daniel was only 1–this same scenario might have been a true nightmare.  Thankfully, by now he understands that he has to stand behind the black line!

game audienceselfie 12

Joshua is #12, so Caleb made this, which he held up high during the game to cheer on his brother.

momfan brofan coachdad IMG_2344 handsup

#5 on the blue team was insanely good.  There’s Joshua–with his hands up.

Joshua actually really enjoyed basketball.  He liked it so much that he would even get disappointed when games were snowed out.  He says this is his favorite sport to play, but football is his favorite sport to watch.

BlueRaptors team1

team photos!

They were the “Blue Raptors”.

coaching huddle3 huddle2 huddle1

Team Huddle:  Go Raptors!



Caleb:  King of the ‘selfie’.

Just a few funny things I’ve heard around here to share:

1.  On the way home from church today, I was singing “Do you wanna build a snowman,”  from Frozen, and Caleb started singing, “Do you wanna build an old man.”

    I thought that was really funny, and I laughed, and Caleb told me he heard that from a friend of ours.

2.  Alan gave Daniel and JD a bath today while I went walking.  When I got home, Alan was telling me how he’d doctored up Dan’s wounds.  Daniel is potty-trained (mostly), but he still sleeps in pull-ups, and he still gets diaper rash, which really bothers him a lot.  When Alan told me that he had put some Boudreaux’s Butt Paste on Dan, Dan suddenly looked up and smiled from ear to ear.

  That boy LOVES “diaper keme”.

3.  Alan and I had a planning conference for our move today.  We laid out a time table and discussed all of our options.  Joshua came in partway through it and started asking us a bunch of very good and reasonable questions.  Then he asked us questions about our upcoming vacation.

Joshua:  But what time exactly are we going to leave, and how long will it take us to get there?

Alan:  Well, Joshua, I’m sure we’ll leave bright and early in the morning, since with four kids we can get ready so quickly.  Then I’m not sure how long it will take us to get there since we’ll have to stop at an ER sometime on the way…knowing us….so really I don’t know.

4.  The boys were writing up their Valentine cards the other day, and they were talking as they worked:

Caleb:  Oh, Amethyst*!  (*fake name to protect the innocent)  Amethyst’s an alien, you know, a pretty one.

Joshua:  Huh?  She’s an alien?  Why do you say that?

Caleb:  She likes to do silly things, and she wears lipstick.

…..(I’ve actually seen this Amethyst, and Caleb’s right.  She’s a very pretty little lipstick-wearing alien.)

Happy President’s Day, everybody!