Not the puddle!!!….Eh, go ahead….

Feb. 2013. Dan’s annual puddle stompin’

Today it was finally warm.  Really, really warm!  I was so excited.  I promptly rolled out our amazing double jogger and we headed out for a good little 1 mile walk.

I thought, “Hey, this stroller is so amazing it can do ANYTHING!”  It can– sort of– it plowed right over snow hills easily….except I might have been a little over eager b/c I flattened a tire.  (Alan, will you please fix that for me??  Thank you!)  Check out this stroller:

I just can’t say enough good things about having a good double jogging stroller!  The difference between pushing this and pushing our small-wheeled tandem stroller is night and day!  If you have two littles, it really is a MUST.  We got ours for free from our neighbors.

I know.  You wish you had our neighbors….Well, we’re moving in June, so maybe you can!  Alan, please don’t forget to put some air in the tires for me, thanks!

  Caleb, Dan, and I ended up playing at the park for a long time today while Joshua did “after school sports”.  Ya’ll, I’ve never dropped the ball so badly.  Our little Caleb has no great love for any sport or musical instrument.  He only asks to do Mad Science.  Mad Science every time it’s offered.  Caleb LOVES to participate in any sort of science experiment, and he just loves things that explode, fly, turn colors, whatever.

  I procrastinated signing Caleb up for Mad Science until three days before it started, and guess what……it was full.  Completely, devastatingly full.  Oh, Caleb, baby, Mom is soo so so sorry!!!!  I want to make it up to him so badly!

  You can bet when Caleb asked to go to the park after school, he didn’t meet any resistance from me!  Even when Dan inserted himself into a big puddle and jumped up and down in it.  I decided we were in for the long haul.  Dan could get muddy from head to toe–and he did–but we were staying at the park for Caleb.

Don’t worry.  I did not let muddy Dan touch my beautiful yellow stroller.  He happily walked home:  stomping in puddles, climbing snow ‘mountains’, and throwing snow into puddles alllll the way home.  It took us forever to walk 1/4 of a mile.

(I think the puddle jumping was good for Dan too.  Honestly, do kids always have to be clean and neat??  I think not.  Let the kids play, I say!)

  I took a cute pic of muddy Dan to share with you, but I guess I accidentally deleted it on my phone.  Oops.  We’ll just have to settle for last year’s similar picture!

  I remember four years ago, we had a similar warm, wet day.  We had just moved up to the DC area, and I let Joshua and Caleb do the puddle stomping thing then too.  You should have seen the looks I got from our neighbors.  They were so disgusted I would let my children do such a thing.  Oy.  I will always be an advocate for letting kids get out and have fun.  I think this is what childhood should be about, don’t you!?  Those are my best memories:  digging a hole to ‘get to China’, climbing trees, riding bikes, building forts, and making mud pies.  Okay, I lied.  I never liked mud…but I claim my right to be girly on that issue!

 It’s really important to us that our boys spend lots of time outdoors, and less time doing this:

ERboys IMG_20131218_173108_906

That was the infamous Christmas road trip ER visit.  Dan had strep throat, and they gave him all the popsicles he could eat.

We also love to take the boys to new and exciting places, like the helicopter museum in south Alabama:



Alan and Caleb went to the Aviation Museum at Ft. Rucker over Christmas break, and Caleb LOVED it.

IMG_20131220_141635_506 IMG_20131221_123046_010

I posted one photo of this the other day.  My dad, amazingly enough, let Caleb and Joshua take turns driving his scooter.  They also tied these little cars to the back of it, making a train.

IMG_20131221_124133_229 1387651558740 DarthDaniel

Darth Dan






Go Blue Raptors!


eh-hem!  Ya’ll are not watching your brothers play!!!


Go, Xavier, go!

blueraptors Daniel

Dan, testing the limits on the “Don’t go past the line” rule…..oh, they do love to test the limits!

  • melaniewilson601

    You’re bringing back wonderful memories. I remember dragging my boys to sign up for homeschool co-op classes and I arrived late to discover everything was full. Ugh. You know, I know for a fact that my kids don’t remember that. It was just as well we didn’t do it. You have adorable boys. Enjoy them. It looks like you have so much fun.

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