Look who’s 8 months old!

I have had so little rest and even less actual sleep the past…5 or 6 days that it’s affecting my ability to function.

Remember my attitude adjustment that I mentioned in a previous post?  (Just click on those words for a reminder.)  Well, I haven’t forgotten my lesson yet.  I haven’t lost my thankful heart.  Once again, my problems are direct results of my blessings:

1.  4 little boys

2.  a very very very very busy weekend of fun activities with friends and our children

My head is still recovering from it because I was robbed of my beloved day of rest.  (Sunday)  I’m telling you, God rested on the 7th day for a reason, and we should too!!!!!

This Sunday we had:  church, people came and looked at our house (for rent)… we had to keep it more neat, Joshua’s team went to the second round of basketball play-offs–and won!, and then to tie it all up we had a cub scout banquet Sunday night.

I am not letting another Sunday like that happen.  Lesson learned.  My eyes literally hurt because they’re so heavy with drowsiness.   But I will refrain from further whinage.  MacBook doesn’t think whinage is a word.  Well, it so should be!

Everything we did this weekend was a lot of fun, so I have no right to complain anyway….except the cleaning….that’s necessary, but I don’t know if I’d call it fun.

OH, and Joshua will be in round three–the championship–of the basketball play-offs this coming Saturday!  Exciting!

I just want to share this ONE photo with you, and I warn you:  If you are our family, you will die, if you are a Southerner, you will get it, and if you don’t really know anything about Alabama football…..I’m sorry…..this will be lost on you:

Bless him. He didn’t know. ; )

Okay….I made that up….he didn’t actually say Roll Tide,but see there, I wrote it ON THE PICTURE, so all posterity will believe that he did.  baaaaahahahahaha  That’s right.  I too can be an evil genius.  ; )

Oh, there’s the baby, gotta go….

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