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Hopefully, as you are reading this, I am safely on a plane headed south–or even better, have already arrived there.  That’s right!  I am making another attempt at flying south!

I’ve lived through 5 winters in the DC area, and I’ve decided that I’m ready to move on.  Actually, that’s not altogether true.  I spent the ENTIRE winter down south for two different years that I lived here.

What a wuss am I!

But in my defense, have you ever tried taking care of three kids by yourself?  That was why I flew south.  Alan was serving temporary employment elsewhere those winters, and I try not to do any more work than is absolutely required of me!  ha!  And one of those years I was very very pregnant with Daniel!

 Valentine's Day, 2011, Alabama

Valentine’s Day, 2011, Alabama

As you can see, the snow still followed us down there……dear snow, I will not miss you when I move!!!

Weird:  When Dan saw this photo, he said, “Nonna’s house?”  How did he know this picture was at Nonna’s house?  He wasn’t born yet, and there is nothing but snow and chain link fence in this photo.

I have heard a couple of hilarious things from the kids lately, so of course, I MUST share!!

This conversation took place yesterday, after school, while walking home in the bitter cold:

  • Caleb:  Mom, can I have someone over?  Can I have Drake over to play?
  • Me:  Caleb, you know that Wednesdays are a busy day for us, so no, we can’t have anyone over today.
  • Caleb:  What!  Pleeeeeeease!!!  I just HAVE to!
  • Me:  sigh.  Caleb, I already answered this question.
  • Caleb:  Can’t I please!?  Well, fine!  Then you are not my favorite mom anymore.
  • Me:  Did you have a good day at school today?
  • Caleb:  I am not going to answer any of your questions until you let me have a friend over.
  • Me:  Caleb, we do not threaten our mother, or father, or any grown-ups.  You cannot do that.
  • …..a minute or two went by in silence…
  • Caleb:  Mom, at Christmas, can I write like the whole alphabet in the snow?  That would be so awesome.  I really want to do that.
  • Me:  Caleb, huh?  Oh.  Caleb, we have a whole yard full of snow today.  You can do it right now.
  • Caleb:  What!  Oh, boy!  I’m going to write, “My mom is the best.”
  • ……which he did.  He wrote, “My mom is the best by Caleb”…..but of course, he and Daniel walked all over it, so it was kind of hard to read.

JD, 8 months

Have I failed to mention to you JD’s first word????  A month ago, JD started saying, “Hey!”  He says it more and more frequently, and it is ADORABLE!

Joshua says that JD called him ‘mama’ the other day, but I didn’t hear it.


Lately the two oldest boys have been passing out as soon as their heads hit the pillow at night, but last night we had done some fun activities, and the boys were very wired.  So this happened:

Caleb:  (yelling from his room)  I’m scaaaaaaared!  …….I’m scared!    I’m scared!

Alan:  I’ll go…..

So Alan went in and goofed around with Caleb for a minute, when suddenly Joshua swooped in from behind and whacked Alan on the behind.  (I can’t explain it.  Our boys love to whack each other on the rear.  I have told them repeatedly that my rear is off limits, so they do it less to me, but I still occasionally get victimized..  yes, this is what it’s really like to have lots of male offspring…)

Of course, they were so proud, and shouted together, “We tricked you!  We tricked you!”

10 minutes later….

Joshua:  Mom!  I’m scared!!!  (Joshua is the worst liar ever.  It wasn’t the least bit believable–unfortunately, Caleb’s cry for help had actually been very believable, as he’s a little more, um, experienced, in the lying….)

Me:  Nope.

Joshua:  Ahhhhh, man!


Joshua and Caleb talked amongst themselves for a while before they fell asleep, and the only part that I made out from my room was Caleb saying, “Hey, Joshua, try to guess what I’m going to wear to school on the last day!”

Not sure I want to know, Caleb…..

Yep, that’s our Caleb.

He’s always asking me to put a big, giant picture of him on my blog, so this should be a real Caleb-pleaser.


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