Update on the Schooling Question

snow Angels

caleb angel


Caleb had a great time making snow angels.

Today is snow day #2 for us.   I am actually really enjoying it.   You know,  so long as they don’t ask me to go outside.   It’s probably cold out there. I sincerely hope they have forgotten that whole snow fort offer that I made yesterday…..

We have reached a wonderful new milestone:  the 8 year old!   Joshua understands SO MUCH more than his brothers do!

  1. He can play actual fun board games with us!   Trivial Pursuit Family Edition and such!   I love it!
  2. He can reach high enough to put away bowls and plates from the dishwasher.
  3. He walks around asking for extra chores that he can do to make money.
  4. He can hold the baby,  even standing up.
  5.  He’s finally starting to put periods on the end of his sentences!
  6. He can wash his own hair.
  7. He can dip everyone ice cream without making a mess.

So many wonderful things,  but one hitch:  he broke my laptop screen.   Right.   That was our only  computer too.  Alan,  my fabulous fix it man husband,  has a new one ordered.   He’s gotten good at this.   Dan has shattered Alan’s ipad screen twice, and Alan repaired it both times.   You Tube rocks.

Meanwhile,  I’m blogging on my tablet.


Joshua makes a lot of stuff like this.   “Most Wanted:  Caleb,  Drake,  Josh”.  I found this hanging up in the hallway upstairs.

I also found a little of Joshua’s work leftover from Christmas,  while I was at my parents’ house this weekend:


What is it with boys and weapons?   This may be one thing that I will never understand!

Update on our schooling decisions :

We have met several couples lately,  coming from the exact same school that Alan is headed to this summer.   That has been such a blessing,  as I’ve gotten all my questions answered.   There is a great little neighborhood there, of people like us,  and it has yet another elementary school that we can walk to.   It is a successful school,  full of children of well educated parents.  It is 80% military families.   They have a very involved PTA too.   We are hoping to give this school a try.   Our boys will be in 3rd and 2nd grades, and JD will be 14 months old.   Dan will be 3.

 I would rather begin the home schooling once I see more of a need for it,  and once JD is a little older.  I’m not quite as worried about the outside influences, in a good environment, at this age.   I’m more concerned about the outside influences once they get closer to middle school.

I know that I do want to try what I call alternative education later on.   It is totally possible to get involved in a home school community in which we would really only be home a few days per week,  and I like that.   All six of us are very social people.   We get our energy from being with others,  BUT as school gets more difficult,  I feel like my boys could use something other than the traditional approach.   There’s this program called Classical Conversations that I’m particularly interested in.

This website offers a perfect explanation of it,  if you’d like to check it out:

Classical Conversations: An Introduction

You may need to copy and paste that link.   Sorry!   My real computer will be working again in a week.

For now,  we will continue regular old school,  as we are.  I’m just looking out for my mental health.  We will reevaluate the situation after we’ve given the school a shot.

Speaking of mental health and 8 year olds,  guess how Joshua is paying off the destroyed laptop screen?   We are cutting the cable.   Alan and I don’t watch tv anyway,  and most of the kid shows are just trash.   I will have to buy some Mickey Mouse and Word World DVDs for Daniel though!

I’ll leave you with a happy thought:

JD, now 8 months old,  scoots around the floor,  slowly,  on his bottom,  and it’s so cute!


  • Donna

    I believe classical conversations is what Karen uses. She could tell you all you want to know about it. Love the way Joshua is even helping with moving plans!

  • McMom

    They are growing up fast. Nice snow angels, Caleb! That’s awesome that you’ve met so many people from out west already. And, props to you for having the patience to blog on a tablet!

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