“Doctor say JUICE.”


If you read my last post, Our Vacation Nightmare, then you know that this wasn’t our best week.  Now it’s Friday night, and as I sit here, with Alan beside me, and all of our children sleeping soundly, none of that even matters anymore.

I love it when we sit and talk about all the cute and funny things our children have done lately.  And whose heart wouldn’t melt from having little almost-three-years old Dan keep visiting my room, after we’ve put him to bed, for one more kiss on each of his ouchies.  Then he comes back in here and asks if he can sleep with mommy.  Sorry, Dan, but Daddy did carry him sweetly back to his own little bed.

I suddenly don’t remember my problems at all.  It’s the magic of Friday.  All I can think of now are the good plans I have for the weekend and how much I love my darling little children.


Dan loves cars and airplanes right now.  That’s his thing.  He is so sweet when he begs Caleb to play cars with him.

Daniel, JD, and I went to Target today, and they were SO well behaved.  I don’t remember my 1st two being this well behaved at this age, though, granted, they were much closer in age.  Daniel doesn’t run away from me, hide in the racks, ask for anything, or throw any fits.  He’s an awesome shopping buddy.  JD is too.  JD was so HAPPY just to ride in the buggy and be out of the house, seeing new sights.

We are all just tickled pink that spring is coming soon!

You know what really makes us snicker each night though?  Daniel’s doctor requested that we give him more juice and less milk.  Now Daniel wants juice before bed, so each night he comes out of his room and says, “Juice? Doctor say juice.”

sledbabies sledbabies2 snowDan Jdsnow cryingsnow

He had mixed feelings about the snow….


Dan LOVES the snow.  I let him play for a while in this left-over snow last week, and then I brought him in and served him a nice, warm bowl of chili.


It was one of those brief, shining moments where I felt like the clouds should part and light should shine down on me, as I am obviously being such a WONDERFUL mother.  ; )

Of course, I’m sure it was followed by some great and embarrassing mistake, but for the moment, ahhhh, perfect mommy.  : )

IMG_2647 IMG_2649

It doesn’t get any sweeter than this.


They keep improving toys!  Check it out!  The paints are in the book!  Each page has its own set of paints.



People have started asking me if JD is crawling yet.  This always happens with my chubby bubbies.  No.  Not even close.  Not even thinking about it.  He scoots on his bottom in the floor, and he’s getting better and better at it.  He’s the first of our boys to choose this method of transportation.  I made a video today.  It looks almost like he’s jumping.  That video will be uploaded very soon.  I promise.

Chubby babies–as in the really super fat over 20 pounds kind–almost always crawl late.  It’s a lot of weight to carry around.  I just expect it.  None of them have crawled before 9 months, and Dan and Caleb were both 10 months.

Yes, he can roll.  He doesn’t do it a lot though.  He prefers to sit and scoot or stand.  That’s just who he is, and we are perfectly fine with that.

IMG_2655Like many well meaning parents, I try to feed our brood wholesome foods…..I’m not a stickler though.  I make no apologies for my microwave popcorn and casseroles made with cream of mushroom soup.  Oh, and my Granny lived to be 100 eating REAL bacon, so you can just take your turkey bacon to another house.  We don’t do that here.

Anyway, I bought this “truwhip” stuff.  You need to know this.  It tastes a little like carrots.  HOWEVER, once mixed into our trifle with peaches and angel food cake, we could not taste the difference.  SOOOOO, I recommend it for trifles, but I do not recommend it for eating out of the tub.  ; )   Yes, I have been known to eat Cool Whip out of the tub.  Good stuff.

One more ‘story’.   This one took me by surprise, and it is just so very Caleb.

Alan and I are not exactly the cub scout parents of the year.  We have been worn down when it comes to investing more into kids activities than the kids do, so we now invest very little energy indeed.  I wasn’t even tracking that the tiger cubs were supposed to be collecting anything.

Well, at this week’s cub scout meeting, many of the boys brought collections to share.  This was much like “show and share,” an activity that is probably Caleb’s favorite thing in the whole whole world.  See, while Caleb’s talent may not lie in the language arts–as in reading and writing–Caleb has a very enviable gift for public speaking.  Not many folks are as uninhibited as Caleb.

Caleb didn’t miss a beat.  We’d never discussed collections once.  He raised his hand and said, “I have a collection too. It’s too big to bring it here, but I can tell you about it. ” He proudly and happily continued, “I collect pajamas!!  I just love pajamas.”

His leader probably thought he was joking, but I can assure you he could not have been more serious.  I’ve been buying Caleb a new set of pajamas regularly for as long as I can remember because they are his favorite thing in the whole wide world.





45 Pictures


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We wish you all a wonderful weekend–may you have all the pajama time and juice that your heart desires!


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