My FIRST Award at the New Web Address

  Ta-daaaa!  I have been nominated for my very first award since moving the blog to Stories of our Boys, just a month ago.  Hurray!  A big thank you to, an awesome and wicked-funny blogger, for nominating me! I am tickled pink.

  So these awards have RULES, and I am a rule follower, so here we go:

1.  Thank and link back to your nominator.

2.  Tell 7 random facts about yourself.

3.  Pay it forward to 13 versatile bloggers.

My Facts

For some reason I’m fixated on my younger days for this list:

1. You may already know that I am an Alabama (Roll Tide!) fan, but did you know that I have actually WORN the Big Al costume??  (Thank you, Jason Klein!)Oh, and by the way, that was 13 years, and it’s better left unknown how many pounds, ago.

2.  When I was a little kid, I was a seriously studious little book-worm.  In the first grade, when the other kids would divide up to go to reading groups, I just sat at my desk.  I didn’t have a group.  The teacher would just come by and stick chapter books in my desk.  So you can see why I got so stressed out when they told me my 1st grader was behind in reading!!!  Where did I go wrong???

Don’t worry.  You can rest assured I am helping him get caught up!

3.  I was a book worm of a kid, but I could also be a mean little snot that could also be a liar (we’re talking when I was super young–1st/2nd grade).  So if you have a kid that tells tall tales, hang in there.  I grew out of it, once I got caught a couple of times. I would NEVER lie to anyone now.  I mean, you know, so long as you don’t ask me how much I weigh.  ; )   Okay, I won’t lie to that either, but I sure won’t answer that question.

4. For two years of my childhood, I was always playing in the peanut field behind my house.  Now I have two kids with peanut allergies, and we’re beginning to think I might have an issue with it myself.

5. In the 8th grade, I lost a “manners competition” for being too bossy.  Apparently the polite thing was to let the boy lead.  What can I say?  I was destined to boss around little men.

6. I grew up calling a “dinner knife” a “butter knife.”  To this day, I cannot bring myself to call the butter knife a dinner knife.

7.  I once hit a bully (a boy one) in the head with my purse.  My purse had a very solid ice pack inside of it.  The bully never bothered us again, and I think it was my dad’s proudest day.

13 Wonderfully Versatile Bloggers!!

If you’re looking for a great blog to read, you should check these out!

1.  This is currently my favorite.  Dr. Mel rocks.

2.  I have learned a LOT about blogging from her series on the subject!

3. lowveldlife wildlife pictures from South Africa.  The boys are so happy!

4. nobeautyqueen my old roomate!  There is nothing she will not say.

5.  Jamie always sets such a great example of what motherhood should look like!

6. wearethatfamily Great Christian website!  Loved the article to moms of little ones!

7. godgiveusaheart amazingly sweet!!!

8. thediaryofarealhousewife  love her Friday Favorites!!

9. Misadventures of Doofy Dizee kindred spirit

10. She has good food!!!

11. bakedbree  More good food!!

12. The Farmer’s Daughter love her nostalgic posts!

13. last but NOT least… Speculations from South Florida  another mom I know I could learn a lot from!


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