best thing that happened this week!!!! Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Sometimes I get stressed out.  Like now.  I’m kind of on the verge of that right this second.

Here’s why my face is all broken out like a teenager this week!

It’s Friday at 2pm.  The whole weekend is about to smack us in the face, and it’s not one of those nice, breezy weekends.  It’s one of those crazy-insanely busy-hallmark weekends  that make me want to stick my head in the sand.

For starters, we promised a friend we’d go somewhere tonight that’s an hour away that starts at 7pm.  We have four small children, and our babysitters don’t do Friday nights.  I’m scrambling around trying to fix this.  I’m thinking I should take a friend and leave Alan at home with all of our children.  I never get out, and Alan is out at least a little more than I am, so he’ll probably enjoy time at home.  I know he wants to go to this thing, though.

Do you want to know what the ‘thing’ I’m anxious about going to with sleepy children is???  It’s a buffet of DELICIOUS food, cooked by chefs who are graduating culinary school.  We have a friend that’s one of the graduates.  You can see why both Alan and I wanted to go!

If you want to go with me, I do need a ‘date’…..FEMALE, a female one.  Thanks!

Okay….before I go any further, I should mention that this has actually been a fun week.  How lucky am I that Daniel passes out in the floor?  Thank you, sweetie, Mommy loves you.  Don’t worry.  I didn’t give him Benadryl or anything.  No, I really didn’t.

All right.  Back to my stress.

They say it’s going to snow Tuesday, which I KNEW this wasn’t finished yet, but what can you do?

Saturday.  Oh, Saturday.  Guess what Saturday is.  It’s when we celebrate Daniel’s birthday, since Saturday is a weekend and all.  Guess what I have planned for his glorious 3rd birthday!?


Not even a cake.  Not even a friend.  I got nothin’.

I’ve just been too busy and tired to deal with it.  Alan was gone for a couple of days this week (business trip), so I’ve been doing the 1:4 ratio thing.

Did you read that last sentence? 1:4 ratio.  Are any words really necessary?

Our tentative plan is to take Daniel into the city to the Smithsonians Saturday.  Which is GREAT, and he will love it, only that will leave me no time to prepare for……..

GUESTS ARRIVING ON SUNDAY MORNING!!!!!  We LOVE hosting, so we regularly invite our friends and family to come stay with us and take advantage of the local touring opportunities.  Next week begins tourist season, and I believe our little bed and breakfast here at the House of Many Little Men is booked almost solid for the rest of March and April.

Now don’t worry TOO much for me.  I’ve done this a TON, and these guests are all related to us:  Donna, Ellen, and Matthew.  This will be Ellen and Matthew’s first visit.  Wahooo!!!  The boys are so excited about Matthew coming–who is 17.  Apparently, “he’s the one that drives them on the golf cart at their great-grandparents’ house.” They trust his driving, but they don’t trust Laura Ellen’s.  HA!!

Classic men, judging women drivers.

I’m no fool, ya’ll.  I had a maid come and clean yesterday.  That’s right.  My pride is more important than money.

I’m just concerned about getting everything else nice and ready for my guests in time.  The mirror in the guest room broke a couple weeks ago, and rule #1 of hosting–Always provide a mirror in the guest room.

What?  You don’t think that should be rule #1?  Perhaps not everyone has to stare at every mirror they walk by like I do, rotten, vain thing that I am, but I still say it’s important.

Can you feel my blood pressure rising?  At least we did buy Dan a gift!!

Oh!  And thank you so much, everyone who sent him a gift already:  both sets of uncles and aunts and my parents!!  He LOVED it all!!!  I wanted to have photos of him playing with all of his gifts all uploaded and labeled on the blog today, but I’m having some iPhoto issues.  Drat.

Check back with me soon.  I have BEAUTIFUL photos of snow covered trees and darling pictures of Joshua’s art work, but alas, I Photo issues.

Now I’m officially running late to pick the boys up from school, so I’m out of here!  TGIF…..actually I could use one more Friday to prepare for this one!


  • Donna

    Tell Daniel that Nonna will be there Sunday with his birthday present! Can’t wait to see everyone! We are bringing layers instead of heavy coats. Hope we don’t freeze! We will have light jackets since they are easier to carry when touring inside exhibits.
    “House of many little men.” I like that! Have fun Saturday, Daniel and family. David and I are helping tonight at church with a viewing of “Frozen” open to all kids and families free! We should be busy!

    • We may have up to 8 INCHES of snow on Tuesday, lows will be in the 20s. Light jackets only is not what I would recommend. If I were you, I’d bring at least one thing to wear in the super cold. Don’t schedule any events for Tuesday. The government buildings close on heavy snow days, and that happens regularly this winter.

  • I wish you some ‘down time’ soon:)

  • McMom

    “My pride is more important than money.” Ha! “Stare at every mirror…vain thing …” Ha – ha! Excited to see the bday gift pictures. I think a day at museums sounds like a fun day for Daniel’s birthday. I like the “house of many men” as well! Don’t expect the B & B traffic to slow when you move out west!

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