Life, According to Alan’s Phone


At our house, there is one service provider that inspires great FEAR in the hearts of our boys.  No, it’s not the dentist.  They don’t actually remember the last time they went there.  Oops..

Don’t worry.  It’s been like a year ….and a half…Okay.  Yes,  I feel guilty about that. It’s been a rough year or two.  I’m going to whip out that fourth baby excuse one more time.  It’s just hard to go anywhere.

Yes, I dropped the ball. I will work on that.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t figured out what their fear is yet, then I really can’t help you.  Without that sucker, Daniel looks like this:



Last night I cleaned off Alan’s phone of all the pictures he’s taken in March and April.  There were a LOT!  So this is sort of a random slide show of the last month, according to Alan’s phone…


Joshua, all geared up for snowboarding.


He LOVED it.



This is another sport that ALL of our boys enjoy:  bowling!


We also like junk food….

I really need to make their dental appointments.  This is another good reminder.  Do any of you always have little threads of guilt that like to nag at you?  The thing is that I literally just forget that dentists exist. I don’t skip these things on purpose.


We told ourselves that since this is our last few months in the DC area, we will take each weekend to re-visit the city.  We made good on that idea on Daniel’s birthday.  We took the entire family, on the train, into DC, to the Air and Space Museum. Apparently, we could have just ridden the train into town and then turned around and ridden it back home.  The train ride, according to Daniel, was by far the most exciting part.  He bounced up and down and talked and talked and talked and talked about riding the train.  I don’t think his mouth ever closed.



JD was cool with it too.

The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum:

IMG_20140322_144115_864 IMG_20140322_144156_910 IMG_20140322_144237_583 IMG_20140322_144909_384

IMG_20140322_144911_555 IMG_20140322_144920_987


We have a great love and respect for napping babies.






Oh yeah!  Another thing that happened last week: Caleb’s first grade program.  I only wish I had a picture of the part where a big group of them did a dance, and Caleb got to dance with his friend Bailey.  Did anyone get a photo of that?


I mentioned in my last post how it added to the American History Museum tour to hear stories from Alan’s grandparents as we walked the museum.  Imagine how much more powerful visiting the Vietnam Memorial would be with someone who’d lost a loved one in the war.


Alan took his grandparents and his dad to the Vietnam and World War II Memorials.  I would have liked to have gone too, but by the time we finished the Holocaust Museum, my back was killing me.

You know you’re either a wimp or in really bad shape when you give out before two 80-somethings.  Embarrassing.  I have got to get back into working on my back problem.

I think I just re-injured it in February.  I need to build back up my core muscles, stretch more, and stop missing chiropractor appointments!!  Oh, and Grandmother says that I need to wear shoes with better support.  She’s right.  Do you think just putting inserts into cute shoes would be enough?








And now for a few photos from the 5K:


lining up for the race


Xavier and his dad, Sean, who also ran the race



The boy was serious, ya’ll!!


….And he’s off!!


I wasn’t there, but it looks like Xavier and Joshua stayed pretty close by each other for most of the race.  That’s Xavier in the photo above.

IMG_20140405_103127_501 IMG_20140405_103657_829 walkingfriends

They are so cute!!  And so FAST!  Now I want to do a race with them, just to see if I would stand a chance of keeping up.  I’ve never been very quick.


Joshua, post-thorn-bush injury, after the race, before he found out that he placed.  He doesn’t look quite as happy as Xavier!


….but a little medal makes a world of difference.  He called me, so excited, on his way home from the race. He was on cloud nine.  It was a really fun phone call to receive!


the 10 and under category winners


best buds




This is one really proud dad.  They both won bronze medals for their age groups!  One day we’re going to be that family that all does races together.  If only these races were a bit cheaper.

Caleb had actually planned to run it too, even though running is not exactly his favorite.  On race day, he had mild cold symptoms and had tossed and turned all night long, so I veto’ed Caleb’s race plans.  I am 100% sure that was a good idea because Caleb looked very relieved to get to stay home with us instead.


This is what Nonna did all weekend.  She devoted herself to getting JD to drink a bottle.  Her mission was successful.  WAHOOO!!! This was a big deal!



Guess what this week is!!  Banner week!!  I serve on the Staff Appreciation Committee for our school’s PTA, and my job is to help with teacher banners.  I actually enjoy making these banners.  I have a letter-cutting Cricut machine in my possession right now (borrowed), and I will be spending tomorrow cutting and glueing.  I love it.

One reason I like it is that I get to work banner workshops, where I hang out with my friends, and we all work on our banners together.  I derive energy from hanging out with friends, so this is very exciting for me.

The stay-home mom gig is immensely rewarding, yes, but it’s also a little lonely.  But not banner week!!  This week is fun!  Watch out, world, April is leaving her nest.  ; )

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