Little Girls: Not So Different


Today Alan and I helped out with 1st and 2nd grade children’s church.  The usual teachers were out of town, but they left their young adult children to teach the class.  They just asked Alan and me to come and help with crowd control.  Easy job for us. I felt like such a tough guy–being in charge of behavior.  I had to put forth extra effort not to let this role get to my head because I was on a bit of a power trip.  HAAAAAA!

People very often carry on about the fact that I have four BOYS, but I’m not so sure that boys are the harder job.  In this particular class, the girls were actually the squirmy, spirited ones.  Alan and I have very LIMITED experience with little girls.  This class reminded me that they are not so very different from little boys.

There was, of course, this one girl in particular that was a bit….free spirited.  After her third attempt to escape to the bathroom and take her chosen friend with her, I decided to escort her to the bathroom myself.  I did not allow her to drag any friends with us, though.

I wasn’t about to be out smarted.  I stood in the door.  As she washed her hands, she kept stepping on each of the three stools (not that she even needed a stool).  I patiently waited without saying anything.

She finally turned around and said, “I have to step on the stools because in between them it’s all hot lava, and I don’t want to fall in.”

“Right,” I replied.

She whipped her head around, in surprise, “Did you say right!??”

I nodded.  “Lava.  Got it.”  This little girl is not overburdened by reality yet.  Why spoil a good imagination?

We managed to get back to the classroom, free of incident.  The little girls in the class just kept teaming up to try to sneak here or there, usually to the bathroom or underneath the piano.  Somehow, between the four of us, we did manage to keep them all quiet and in their seats.

Alan even ended the class with a very good presentation of the gospel.  Alan is so good with kids.

When it was all over, I asked the boys, “Ya’ll were so well behaved today.  Great job.  I really liked that.  Are you always that well behaved, or were you being better behaved because we were there?”

They both answered, “better because you were there.”  Ah.  Right. So who knows, maybe they’re normally as sneaky as the girls…


I’m not quite the same since having the 4th baby.  I’m really not.  I can’t keep up with everything this job entails.  The fact is, I can’t keep up with ANYTHING since JD arrived. I really can’t.  I was at a party this Friday, and I mentioned that I needed to make myself a note on my hand about something so I wouldn’t forget.  The young mom I said this to was just horrified by my methods of remembering things:  hand notes and a wall calendar.

Do you still use a wall calendar?  I am told that it’s an outdated method for organization.  My new friend recommended that Alan and I use Google Calendar, and sync the calendars, so that we’re both tracking.  That makes a lot of sense.  She said I should have it on my phone.

That’s when I had to admit that I still use an old-school cell phone.  No data plan here.

I felt like a little old lady, out of touch with the latest in technology, so yesterday I made several attempts to get Google calendar downloaded onto my tablet. Only I was so tired from my lack of sleep that I just couldn’t focus on it.  I never did figure it out.  I might work on that today.  It can’t be hard. I’m sure Alan could help me.

Do any of you use Google calendars?  Do you find it helpful?

She also mentioned setting reminders for myself on my phone, as sometimes I forget to do things that I’m supposed to do.  I know my sister-in-law does that a lot.  My phone doesn’t have that capability either.

Have you found your smartphone to be advantageous in ways other than email?  I have a tablet, isn’t that just as good?

This has definitely been a year that has forced me to try to become more organized.  I can use all the good ideas I can get!!

  • Good to remember -I could burned in hot lava in the church bathroom next time I go. I so get you on the 4th baby. I am a very organized person and it has all gone to heck in a hand basket with her arrival. I forget everything. I even use google calendars. It is just trying to manage 6 people’s schedules that makes me crazy. No suggestions other than don’t be tough on yourself if some things do slip. I figure as long as the kids are healthy and happy it’s going pretty good 🙂

    • Thanks!! Glad I’m not the only one. So you do use the google calendar too. I’m so going to try it. I think with 4 young children there’s no way possible to not let something slip. I just have to learn how to be happy even with my imperfections while continuing to improve!

  • Hi there! Not sure if any one method works…I use a combination of them. My husband and I both have the free Cozi app on our phones and tablet and it’s wonderful for keeping us in sync with each other’s schedule. However, I also use a wall calendar to track meals (everyone can see it which eliminates the “What’s for dinner?” question) and I also write notes to myself. Usually when I leave the house to run errands, I write a list of where I have to go and what I need to purchase at each stop. Prayerfully, you’ll be able to find a system that works for you! 🙂

  • I still use a paper calender on the wall AND in my purse!! Ha!! No smart phone here. I can however, put things on my calender in my cheap little (non-smart) phone and it reminds me just fine!! 😉 Sometimes electronic technology is a burden…
    You are gonna do just fine with whatever method you choose!!! =)

  • donna Stephens

    I love the calendar on my new smartphone! I also put all my lists on an app called ColorNote. Then I have it with me all the time. Before this I used a smaller calendar about 4×6 that I kept by my chair and threw in my purse when I left the house. I think I like my phone calendar better. I think your tablet is too big to carry around when youmleave home. I dont know how to sync it but I am sure you and Alan could figure that out and work from a united calendar. I noticed when visiting Amy that she used alarms on her phone for several things during the day. She could give you advice on that. You know me and lists so I love my new Samsung galaxy 4s. Now I just wish I could figure out copy/paste and notes on my galaxy note tablet.

    • Yes, that’s the only downside to my tablet: the size. On my samsung tablet, I just hold my finger down on a spot, and at the very top of the screen the copy/paste option appears, and I select it from there. Have you done that?

  • My daughter is worse than any little boy I know… I swear. Boys aren’t more difficult by default! Oh, and I do use my cell phone for a lot, but I keep a schedule on the calender at home as well. Why? Because the paper calender never needs a recharge, never gets lost, never gets forgotten. It’s up there and in everyone’s face all day long. So “I forgot!” is not an option! 🙂

  • My daughter is worse than any little boy I know… I swear. Boys aren’t more difficult by default! Oh, and I do use my cell phone for a lot, but I keep a schedule on the calender at home as well. Why? Because the paper calender never needs a recharge, never gets lost, never gets forgotten. It’s up there and in everyone’s face all day long. So “I forgot!” is not an option! 🙂

  • McMom

    To me, it kinda depends on the types of things you are forgetting. If it’s stuff around the house, like thawing something for dinner or doing laundry, maybe you could use an actual alarm clock in the kitchen (or somewhere central). You could get one that has at least 2 alarms on it, and keep a pad of paper beside it to jot down what you need to do when it rings. Maybe an old school idea? More new school idea: I have used google calendar on my computer (not my phone – I have a data plan but it is teensy) and I liked it. We used it at school and I had various calendars synced with different people and it all worked swimmingly. As much as you are able to get online, that might be a good option! You and Alan could share a calendar that way, (on his phone and your computer). It can also send you reminders if you want about something coming up. It is very user friendly. I can help you set it up if you had any questions. On a different note, I agree Alan is good with kids – as are you! Good thing, I guess! Ha!

    • I’m good at remembering chore-type things because they are routine. I can’t always do it all b/c I have too much to do. I can NOT remember anything out of routine, such as when cub scout activities are, when staff app. week is, which is a big deal for me, and play dates. Also, I have trouble remembering to check the calendar…..ha

  • McMom

    Oh yeah, I meant to add – if you are out somewhere and someone wants to make a date, just tell them to email you. Then, you don’t have to worry about recording it on your google calendar until you get home. Or, you could leave yourself a voicemail on your home machine or something. That might help the non-smart phone issue.

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