History Repeats Itself



I am proud to announce that JD finally made tiny crawl movements FORWARD today, on several occasions.  He’s been on hand and knees, going backwards, going to the sitting position, and even pulling up, for a while, but forward movement had eluded him until today. Go, JD, go! By the time we arrive in Alabama for our visit, I bet he will be all over the place.

I recently mentioned that I do not have many digital baby photos of Joshua. Right away, both sets of our parents dug through their old email files and forwarded me beautiful digital photos of Joshua.  Thank you so much!!!  While my mom was working on that, she came across this old email (from my pre-blogging days). When I wrote it, we were preparing for a move, Joshua was 2, and Caleb was a 10 month old. This is so deja vu it’s crazy!!

“Caleb is growing up.”

Big week for Caleb! He’s crawling a little (just enough to get him to something he can pull up on), pulling to sit ,and pulling to stand.
He just practices over and over and over….especially at nap time. Here are some pictures of him in action!
Things are really in gear for the move! I showed the house to potential renters today and again tomorrow.
Tomorrow morning is our traditional “we are moving” yard sale! Next weekend is closing. The weekend after that we have 3 farewell parties.
Then that last week of May, the movers and packers arrive, and the boys and I head down south.
I’m hoping by the time we move Caleb will be all over the place. They will have a blast with all the moving boxes!

Caleb crawls002

Caleb crawls015

So really I should be sweating none of this.  I am simply repeating the past.  Wow. I wish I had taken more photos of JD on all fours this week.  I feel like I’ve failed him in that regard. So here’s a mix of all the boys mastering the ultimate challenge: MOVEMENT!!




Caleb crawls005


Our first three boys all learned to crawl in Alabama. The first two were at our house, and Daniel was at Granddaddy and Nana’s.





and JD:

IMG_3070I am ashamed. His face doesn’t even show. I vow to take a GOOD JD crawling photo this week!!!  Tomorrow, in fact!!  Look for it on my Stories of Our Boys Facebook page.

One last similarity that made me smile!

Caleb crawls013


You see Caleb standing in his crib, with his devoted older brother in the crib, bouncing around behind him.

And here is John David, same scenario, just six years later:

This is such an adorable phase:




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