Mom’s Night Out: Movie Review


Last night Alan and I booked a babysitter and went to see the new movie “Mom’s Night Out.” Thankfully, MY night out was a lot less eventful/stressful than the one you will watch in the movie.

This was a seriously cute, wholesome, sometimes funny, sometimes tear-jerker movie. It was produced by a Christian film company, and stars several unknown actors, but also has Patricia Heaton and Trace Atkins, which is also awesome. Actually, some of the other actors looked familiar too, but since I’m completely out of touch with pop culture, I wouldn’t know who is famous and who isn’t half the time!

Alan’s mom has been telling me that I just have to see this movie because a.) It’s hilarious and uplifting and b.) I will totally be able to relate.

I went expecting to laugh hard. Β I did laugh a few times, but the truth is I cried more than I laughed….but don’t let that scare you. It was a great movie, you should all go see it, whether you are drowning in children (as I am) or not.

Women who did the whole toddler thing ages ago will probably find the references to children drawing on walls, raiding the kitchen, and playing in the toilet funny. At my stage, it just looks like every other stressful day of my life.

I wasn’t quite prepared for how uncanny the resemblance to my life was: hence the tears, so the good news is that you might be able to watch this movie without crying at all. The similarities were just insane: red-headed mom of three little ones (Okay, I said similar, not exact), mom-blogger–seriously–, church attending Christian lady, and by the way her husband was often out of town, and her son loved to play in the toilet. Thankfully, I do not have the whole ‘neat-freak/germ-phobe’ issue she confessed of.

Her kid drew a photo of their family, and the dad was represented by an airplane flying over the family. This reminded me of when Alan came home from Iraq the second time, and at his return home celebration, Caleb ran to the wrong man at the airport.

Also: Dan did grow out of the toilet phase about a year ago. (Thank you, Lord!) And Alan has gone quite a while without traveling now, but oh buddy–have I been there!

So when you watch a movie about someone doing all the things you do and feeling all the stress you feel, tears are just going to happen. Β I’m pretty sure the main character said a few exact lines that I have actually written here on my blog.

Oh! And Patricia Heaton was hilarious and relatable as a mom of a teen as well! I especially related to her texting difficulties, and that was the one thing that really got me laughing out loud. If you’ve ever texted me, you may know that I am horrible at it! That cracked me up.

The message of the movie is wonderful: embrace your life and your job and just do it without letting all the stuff get to you– so it’s messy. What isn’t? And this is the beauty of it being a Christian film: the other message is that Jesus loves you right where you are. Just trust him.

It was wonderful. Go see it, and when you do, you should know that there are a LOT more cute scenes all the way through to the very last credits. If you haven’t seen the part where the mom and dad tell the little girl that mommy and daddy were just getting in some cuddle time in the kitchen floor, then you haven’t seen the end of the movie yet. Β Stay until after the very last credit.

2 thumbs up here!


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