wrapping up and moving out

Right now I am sitting in my car so that John David can nap.  His crib is on a humongous,  seriously full,  moving van headed west.  That’s right.  All of our stuff is gone.  Our house is empty.

His play pen is at our hotel room.

Yesterday sweet little JD actually took one of his naps in the guest room floor of my friend Stacie ‘ s house.  JD and I hung out there while they emptied our house because JD is awfully good at getting underfoot.

I’m just so thankful for my friend Stacie letting us hang out and that JD is the kind of baby that will nap just about anywhere.  Ha!  But you know how my kids love naps.

The maid service is scrubbing down our house,  and Alan is inside scrubbing carpets.  Oh.  He just let me know that he would like me to join him in working on the carpet. This is definitely not our favorite week: move out week!

We leave town tomorrow.  How we will miss this place!

Roll Tide.  🙂

Gotta get back to work!



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