“We don’t want to eat the bread; we just want to collect the bread.”

Grand Canyon 2014

Today we took the day off from the endless driving and spent the day doing tourist-y things instead. My dad told us about this Grand Canyon Railway that takes you to the Grand Canyon, and we decided to give it a shot. We had such a wonderful time.

The Grand Canyon was amazing, so I have more to share on that next time.

This time I just want to share a few amusing quotes from the trip so far. Why? Because I love funny quotes.

1. We were all at Alan’s parents’ house a week ago, and Joshua spotted Alan’s book, Calculus for Dummies. Joshua was incredulous. “What!!!?  I’m not a dummy!”

Alan replied, “Oh, no, that’s my book, Joshua.”

“What!?  You’re not a dummy!!”


2.  After spending weeks with his grandparents, Joshua forgot to do something. I asked him about it, and he said, “Oh, I’m sorry! I’m getting older.”


3. Sometimes I am a horrible listener. On Friday, we were at Cracker Barrel for lunch.

Alan said, “They have Fried Fish Friday today. Or did you want a breakfast menu?”

I replied, “I don’t know. Did you know that it’s Fried Fish Friday…”


4. Just for the record, Alan and I have been eating a little too much Cracker Barrel on this road trip. I have probably gained about 7 pounds. I usually have to wear a belt to keep my pants up, and I noticed today that a belt no longer seems to be required.

What keeps us coming back to Cracker Barrel??  The campfire chicken and the corn bread. Oh, we are loving us some corn bread!!! (Remember, we are truly Alabamians, and always will be).

Tonight, after we negotiated with our waitress the ratio of corn bread muffins to buttermilk biscuits that we wanted, she walked away. I think she had some idea of just how important our bread is to us, but probably not exactly how far I’ve taken this.

I told Alan, “I didn’t tell her that I already have a whole box of Cracker Barrel breads and jellies stuffed into my suitcase.”

Alan joked, “Yes, we don’t want to eat the bread. We just like to collect the bread and put it in our suitcase.”

For some reason, we just busted out laughing at this. Okay, Alan chuckled, and I laughed hard for about five minutes about all the bread in my suitcase. People at other tables were staring. In fact, even now, I can’t even type it without giggling.

Sadly, there were no leftover muffins or biscuits from tonight’s meal.

5. Okay, this is not so much a funny quote, but we’ve been hearing a rattling sound coming from the back wheels of the van when we go over bumps for a couple of days. It turns out a bolt that was holding on our brake cali-something fell out, and we were a ticking time bomb for disaster. We have it fixed, and we’ll start back out to driving more tomorrow!

Is it possible to take a road trip from DC to California without having some type of car trouble? This makes our second car issue in one trip.

6. Okay, last one. We talked to the boys on the phone yesterday. It was PRECIOUS. Joshua was really good about talking to us. Caleb said he didn’t want to talk to us.

Then Daniel got on the phone and said, “Me Daniel!…(a few seconds of silence on his side).. Bye.”

He misses his mommy, but he is having a blast at Nana and Granddaddy’s house. Ya’ll are so wonderful to do this for us!  Thank you!!!

Grand Canyon: God is an amazing artist.

Campfire Chicken at Cracker Barrell… delicious


petrified wood

If all goes well, we could be finished with this road trip Monday evening, Pacific time. Knowing us, and all our little tourist stops, it will be more like Tuesday. Hope you all have a great week!!



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