My Story of Faith

Like most bloggers, I like to check the statistics on my web site and review what things get read and what things don’t. As a general rule, whatever is on my home page gets read, and most of the tabs at the top don’t get referenced very often. Why do I care? I’m not making any money yet, but it’s still good to know.

A while back, I typed out the story of how and why I have chosen this life of following Jesus. However, I made the mistake of never actually posting it on my home page, so many of my blog readers have never read this particular story, and it is the most important story I know. This set the entire course for my life.

Click here to read My Story of Faith. I would love to hear stories of faith from all of you!! I’ve often heard people in church circles say that the only testimony that they think is powerful is one where God saved a person from a hard life of drugs or such. While yes, that is a great testimony to what God can do, I think all believers have a great story to tell. What’s yours?


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